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      Did anyone read his old Books? What are your Expectations for the new Installment in his Series? “The Thorn of Emberlain”

      Was a huge Fan of Scott Lynch, until i stumbled upon his Twitter Profile recently … now I’m not sure anymore. Don’t get me wrong, his old Books a still Top Tier, but his Twitter is filled with SJW Bullshit, Orange Man Bad and TDS. My expectations now, for his new Book, are pretty low.

      On the other hand, his exzessiv use of Twitter explains the repeated delays.


      Did someone had similar experiences with one of his favorite Authors?

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      Most of the big mainstream authors are woke/strongly leaning in that direction. I usually try to separate art from artist. Having said that, I stopped reading lies of locke Lamora after the first few chapters. Was just moving very slowly for me. Might get back to it at some point.

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        The book picks up as it goes along. Totally worth giving them another shot.

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          I think I will at some point. My list of “to read” is just very long at the moment.

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      I hope the Author keeps it the same way and separates his Art from his political opinion ^^

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      I’ve listened to the audiobooks and they’re pretty entertaining.

      I don’t think they’re great or worth re-reading; but I do not detect any SJW or politics.

      Bear in mind the main characters are thieves and they steal from the rich (who else are you going rob ).

      There’s no mary-sue though there are some well written women characters.  The main character has so much misery

      and bad luck, it’d be hard to call him a gary stew.

      It’s sort of fantasy + oceans 11/caper kind of stories.

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      Not touching the series any time soon it since he takes so long between books. I’m already hung up with Rothfuss and Martin, I don’t need any more aggravation in my life. If I”m still alive when he finishes the books in 2040 or whatever I’ll take a look at them then.

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