Georgia lawmakers approve new election rules that could impact 2024 presidential

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    Georgia lawmakers approve new election rules that could impact 2024 presidential contest

    Georgia lawmakers on Thursday approved new rules for challenging voters and qualifying for the state’s presidential ballot…

    So what did they approve?

    The bill would grant access to Georgia’s ballot to any political party that has qualified for the presidential ballot in at least 20 states or territories.

    Ok, nothing wrong with that.  What else?

    The bill also spells out what constitutes “probable cause” for upholding challenges to voter eligibility, which could lead to voters being removed from the rolls. Probable cause would exist if someone is dead, has voted or registered to vote in a different jurisdiction, has registered for a homestead exemption on their property taxes in a different jurisdiction or is registered at a nonresidential address.

    Common sense there.  A dead person can’t vote, and someone registered in a different jurisdiction should not be voting there anyway.

    The bill also would require counties to report the results of all absentee ballots by an hour after polls close…

    No reason for those ballots to take days to count.

    I don’t know about that hour timeline, unless they were counted ahead of time (while the polls where open).

    And of course the DEMONcrats dislike anything that gives citizens more faith in the election system.


      And of course the DEMONcrats

      If you actually think it is just the Democrats then I assert you part of the problem.

      I hear all the time, well if the Republicans were not so weak and they don’t know how to win etc etc.  The Republicans are not week nor ineffective.  They are complicit.  That’s all one big team in DC with maybe a 1-2 handfuls of actual independents. It’s the same across all the west that I am aware and that is not a coincidence.

      We don’t need to defeat the Democrats.  We need to defeat and replace the entire establishment.  And when people cheer for Trump to do that, we must understand how painful and ugly it will be.  We need to do it, but it will be difficult and harsh and if that process gets going we don’t need to get squeamish and look away, we need to do what has to be done.   Another example, the only way to solve immigration is to shut the borders and initiate mass deportations.  I myself want that.  But I know it is going to be horrific to accomplish.  But it has to be done.

      Everyone in the US (and maybe the west) needs to grasp the idea that NOTHING from this point on gets better without us all feeling pain and discomfort.  That pain and discomfort is coming regardless, so we are best served by going through it for the better.  Every generation that helped build society did just that.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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