G+G YouTube 300k Sub Celebration Thread

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    Congratulations to Jeremy and all the G+G affiliates and team members! I’m so happy for you guys! Been watching since during the TLJ aftermath. So happy for you all!


    Hard work does create success. G+G has earned its spot.

    I subbed two years ago after I saw Jeremy for the first time on the High Council when I first found WCBS, and I have enjoyed the content ever since EVEN when I disagree with Jeremy on a take…because normal people are allowed to disagree.

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    Congrats. Keep up the excellent work.


    Geek Culture, Gaming and anti-sjws was what attracted me a couple years ago.


    Congratulations 🥳🎉🎊✨

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    I also first came across Geeks And Gamers when TLJ came out, but at the time was only watching a few videos here and there, i really started to get into G+G and sub to everyone when Brie Larson’s “thank you VERY much!!” interview was going viral, i just found the whole thing hilarious and watched every single reaction video i could find, and from there clicked on more videos, subscribed, never watched so much youtube in my life, joined the G+G site, and met all you guys 😸

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