Ghost Busters movies are harbingers of change

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    A weird title for a topic thread  I know, but with the release of Ghost Busters Afterlife

    I wonder, the woke Ghost Busters movie came out in 2016 which was the very first woke movie to come out years ago that lead to all other movies we watched like Star Wars to get woke and effectively murdered all of Pop Culture in the years that followed then lead to real life following this same pattern which was……2016 as in the year where everyone in the world went crazy and we in 2021 now live in a fucked up polarized world.

    So to sum it up

    (2016) Ghost Busters = Woke Pop culture= Unstable divisive world

    So does that mean with the release of Ghost Busters Afterlife in these unstable times we live in now in 2021 would this happen. (I heard Ghost Busters Afterlife is good not perfect but way way better than 2016 Ghost Busters and is faithful to Ghost Busters source materials)

    To sum this up

    Ghost Busters Afterlife = Possibly could lead to good pop culture = possibly lead to more stable unified free world? ***Fingers crossed this equation of mine comes true****

    Cause Ghost Busters 2016 came out and we as a world now suffered years later in real life from it’s release, could Ghost Busters Afterlife being released recently lead  our world could…heal in years to come?

    Just saying people?




    I think you could be correct.  At the end of the day all those folks are interested in 1 thing.  Money.  And the market hates a vacuum.  Once someone picks up on the absolute vacuum for ACTUAL entertainment and NOT propaganda, they will start churning out good stuff and making money hand over fist.  Other companies will follow suit to get a piece of the pie.



    And I thought I was being silly when I said a Ghost Busters movie could be a harbinger that would bring change to the world like it was some kind of religion?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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