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      This game looks incredible. Why would you buy The Last of Us Part 2 over spending your money on this game? I can’t wait to play this. Kind of looks Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but with a option to go full stealth. Like a true Assassin.

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      Yes, I think I’ll be buying this one eventually, probably this upcoming holiday season.

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      I’ll definitely be playing this. Love the fact that they’re trying to capture the feel of old Samurai films

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      Can’t wait for this game to be launched so we can all forget about the crappy “Woke of M’aams Part R-Word” by naughty cucks. =)

      lol but seriously Ghost of Tsushima, in my opinion, will be like Read of Redemption 2 Japan Version. It looks like you can interact a lot with the environment and animals surrounding you. And the story might be awesome. But lets wait… i really hope it doesn’t disappoint. We need this. We need a quality game right now.

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        I think it will be more like Assassin’s Creed. I hated Red Dead Redemption 2 but I only played online. The online sucked.

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          Man, how could you not play the story mode of RDR2 lol that’s one of the best games ever imo. Only Witcher 3 is better lol Ofc the online mode sucks, it’s rockstar… rockstar only makes good offline games. Rockstar online is just for rich kids. :D

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            The online pissed me off so I just said fuck it

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      Ubisoft is gonna copy this game when AC finally goes to Japan, you know they’er gonna try

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        At least we’d finally get an Assassin’s Creed Japan game where we play as a ninja.  This is why competition is important, it makes companies try and be better or at least companies that care about their consumers.

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      This game looks good but I was initially planning on waiting for the PS5 to get it assuming it’ll be re-released or backwards compatible.  But with how much Naughty Dog pisses me off, I think I’ll buy it anyway just to spite them.  Man I hope Sucker Punch sells more than 4 million copies opening week.  You all know if it doesn’t the shill access media will write stories saying TLOU2 did better in sales.  Mark my words.

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        The Last of Us 2 pissed you off so much, you’re gonna give Sony money for something else.
        Nice logic there.

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          My friend, just because Naughty Dog has fallen victim to the Woke Flu doesn’t mean we should punish Sucker Punch.  The best way to change the industry is by voting with our wallets.  Whether that’s outright boycotting the publisher or buying from developers who actually care about their games and their stories.  Bare in mind that we the consumers have the power to make great change.

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      I think I’m the only person alive that has no interest, at all, in this game.
      “oooooh, it’s direction marker animation is the wind. so creative and original”
      I hope those that are hyped enjoy it but it doesnt look special, at all, to me.
      Given it’s a Sony exclusive, I expect it to be super casual difficulty for normies and a bunch of mindless open world busywork. Wrapped up in an overinflated graphics budget.

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        My friend, as a just recently PS4 owner (been with Microsoft since the beginning), this game is so worth it. I just bought the game the other day and let me tell you this game is great. It’s visually breathtaking, the combat, while a bit difficult at times, is challenging, the story (so far on my playthrough) is good, and the freedom the game gives you is astounding.


        I highly recommend picking this one up. Cheers.

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      One of the few games I was looking forward to this year, I think it will live up to the hype.

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      I just watched Skill Ups review and this game looks incredible

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      Plus game urinalists are already complaining combat to hard so you know its going to be good

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        It doesn’t look that hard to me. The photo mode looks incredible

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        Everything I’ve read is that combat is just perfect for each difficulty level. Normal is a moderate challenge, Hard is hard and not just HP boosts but real AI improvements and Easy is literally story mode. Sounds great to me!

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          And it doesn’t look woke. AC Valhalla looks really woke so I’m going to get this instead

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            What’s woke about Valhalla?
            I havent really followed it.
            I know about the gender swapping mid-game but Saints Row started doing that like 10 years ago and they’re not woke.
            Unless the game forced me to gender swap, it would be a non-issue because I just wont do it.
            Really hope SR5 doesnt go woke.

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              Well you can play as the male or female viking. But it’s pretty annoying they are really pushing the female. And some say it’s meant to be played with her. They made her look like a trans in my opinion. Just not the kind of female viking I want to play as. I think they should let us create our own character and let us customize them. I would be some what cool playing as Legetha from the show Vikings. But instead they make us play as a unattractive female lol this is a character for a feminist. And anyways I highly doubt female viking could fight like the ones in this game. It’s pretty much myth. Its highly debatable from what I understand. I bet real vikings would laugh.

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                I’m all on the “get woke, go broke” train and ham fisted representation is annoying to say the least, but honestly I don’t see AC:V as being woke.

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        Game urinalists I love it.

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      Incredible some “big shot” reviewers that gave 100 rating to Tlou2 are giving 60/70 to Ghost of Tsushima…
      For me that is insane. Even if this game isn’t perfect (ofc it’s not) it’s far more enjoyable than some stupid game where you can’t wait to finish so you can wash your eyes and try to forget all those useless characters created by narcissist idiots who think they are modern day che Guevaras but in reality they’re just weak parasites with an empty brain.
      We must support companies that are still trying to put out quality work, despite all the pressure to stop quality and only push political agendas and Woke messages to “teach” people.

      Buy Ghost of Tsushima guys, and give it a high rate, for the greater good. Lol ;)

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        Buying the game is still financially supporting Sony and saying their business practices are okay.
        Those practices are a far bigger problem than a stupid, woke story line from a single game.
        Silencing critics, Double standards in their censorship policies, Attacking and labeling fans (yes, they could stop Naughty Dog and Druckman from doing that).
        No, I will not buy it to stick it to “the man” buy giving “the man” money.
        And a game deserving a high rating has to do with more than whether it’s woke or not

        Fuck Sony. I might buy it off the used market sometime.

        And no, this isnt me saying the game is bad.

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          I understand what your saying but to me buying this game is telling Sony this is what I want. Not woke trash.. But I just want to play it so I bought it and I’m waiting for it to download. If there is anything woke at all I will rant

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      Fuck TLOU2 lol. I’ll definitely be picking this game up.

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      Is there a normal edition? The only one I see is the digital deluxe for 89.99 Canadian. Thats too much for me. I can buy 4 other games for that price.

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      So I heard some people hate the camera. There isnt any lock on

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      The SJWs are really upset this game is doing well. They’re calling anyone who enjoys the game racist, even Japanese people, because it was made by an American company.


      SJW: oh mai gawd, this game is sooooo rahcist. It’s done by an Ahmericahn company and is like, so historically inaccurate the Japanese must really hate it. It’ soooooo offensive.

      Japanese Player: Man, Ghost of Tsushima is an awesome Samurai game. I love it, Sucker Punch put a lot of time and effort into  this game.

      SJW: Stop trying to invalidate our opinion you rahcist fahshist. We know you have hidden fahshism over there.

      Japanese Player: LOL, look at these triggered racist losers.

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        The woke far left feminist can play The Last of Us Part 2 and I’ll play Ghost of Tsushima lol

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      So I’ve been playing this game for a couple hours. And the photo mode is pretty amazing. You can do animated shots, change the weather, wind speed, colour grade it, add different leaves and birds to the background, change the music, change the time of day. I’m really impressed. The combat is interesting I will say. It can be hard at first. It’s mostly trying to time everything right. All the cut scenes look good15950386332791728498862

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      Are there any RPG elements to this? That would be a selling point to me.

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        Ya you can upgrade your weapons and armor. I just started so not sure a much though. I will let you know in a bit.

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          I generally don’t read up on games until long after they are out, so when a game like this ends up having RPG elements it is a pleasant surprise. So a heads up will be greatly appreciated.


          Perfect example was back in the day Castlevania Symphony of the Night. First half hour in you realize it’s not a side scroller but an action RPG. One of the greatest gaming moments of my teenage years.


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            Have you played Nioh or Nioh 2? You would probably love those games

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              I remember feeling interested in them, but if I ever get games of that sort I do it when they are $10-$15. I really only buy 4-5 console games a year maybe 1 or 2 games on steam and either resub to or try out a new MMO. And most of my purchases usually occur during the holidays when the prices drop.


              Over the past few years I’ve become that guy who waits months to buy anything, and I haven’t even cracked open most of the games I got myself last Christmas.

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              well I’m sold love Nioh 2

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        As you do quests and kill enemies, you get points that act like experience points, and when you get enough of them you rank up and get a bit more health.

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        So there is a skill tree kind of like AC Odyssey 15951212694521176740914

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      Nioh is like 20 dollars or less right now

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      So this is pretty sick. Its simular to the older AC games.  It has different kind of bombs you can throw. And you can chain assassinate people. I highly recommend it.  15951316275171197638549

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      As a Kurosawa fanboy, this is the most satisfying game I’ve played in a long time. It’s everything I ever wanted the Way of the Samurai series to be, and more. Thank you, Sucker Punch!

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      Here is a bot account giving this game a 0/10.. You can tell because its the only review they have. This is like 90% of the negative reviews for Ghost of Tsushima and for the positive reviews for The Last of Us Part 2.. Screenshot_20200719-201635

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      A few hours in and I am just running around finding things, having a blast. So beautiful. I am really into Asian culture and Japan, so this game is prefect for me. I am playing with the Japanese language and English subs. I prefer to hear things in their proper language. Japanese is such a beautiful language anyway. I even watched a few Kurosawa movies right before the game came out.

      The combat mechanics are a bit frustrating, but hopefully I will get used to it. I am not into hard games like Dark Souls, so I was worried this game would be like that, but it’s not thankfully otherwise I would not have purchased it. I do wish you had the ability to button select enemies to attack. Iv’e been killed a few times because my character wont face the enemy I want to attack.

      The music is great as well.

      Can’t wait to spend my week off work living in this world.

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        Ya I agree this game could use lock on.. But keep playing and you will unlock more abilities that should help with this. Eventually you can kill three guys in a row during a standoff and same with assassinations.

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      1595301039711666115723photo mode is crazy good. I made this one

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      I think only Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the same level, in terms of beauty scenario, photo mode, etc. Both great games.

      Witcher 3, RDR2, Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk2077 will probably be the best games 2000 – 2020 (and if the industry keeps bending the knee to the woke mob, maybe 2000 – 2080 lol)

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        I probably still have to give the best looking game overall to AC Odyssey because of the water. Odyssey is better in some ways and not as good in others. But both games are simular. Ghost of Tsushima has so much movement with the wind and leaves. All the bright colours. And the stealth and assassinations are like Odyssey but probably even better. And the standoffs are interesting and different. Both games have simular skill trees with different abilities. Odyssey you can tame animals and they help you in fights. In Ghost of Tsushima I was about to die and a bunch of pigs randomly saved me attacking my enemy. Odyssey has way better looking water and has ship battles. I cant say what is better yet till Im done Ghost of Tsushima but both are great.

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          In Ghost of Tsushima you can unlock some abilities that allow you to chain assassinate three people in a row and there is another ability that will give you the opportunity to kill three guys in standoffs. So thats amazing.

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      Ok I have some bad news. This game has some minor woke storylines. I just did one called The Tale of Lady Masako. She’s this older woman who was the only survivor from her clan. I helped her track down the killers and we killed them. She fights damn good for a old woman lol Also Sensei Ishikawa’s former student is a woman who betrayed him and is leading an attack. These feel kind of woke to me. I will update when I’m done.

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        That… doesn’t sound woke at all if you ask me. If the problem is just that there are women who can fight

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          Dude she’s like 60 lol

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            Ehh doesn’t fill my criteria for woke. Unrealistic? Probably. Woke? Nah.

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          Screenshot_20200722-071856no way this old woman should be able to fight like that lmao she took out a shit load of guys in combat

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      I just did a podcast giving my impressions on Ghost of Tsushima, please check it out

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      15955804446911606050294So another woman that fights like a boss lol And she looks like a dude. The game is good but this is 2020 feminism for you. Go watch the movie Hero. The woman in that movie actually look attractive.. Is there one good looking female in this game?

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        I mean are there any games you don’t consider woke if having female characters that can fight is woke? Or if having ugly females is woke too

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          These days if a game has zero good looking female characters and they try to make them fight unrealistically I do consider it woke. To be more specific I think its a feminist movement in video games and film to desexulize female characters. I am against this.. I like good looking characters. Also I’m against 60 year old woman fighting like a samurai in there prime taking out enemies easily. It breaks my immersion.

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      With everything that is going on nowadays with other games, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it ;) lol

      As long as the games don’t take it to a whole nother level of woke (naughty dog style) it’s fine…

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      I have ordered a hard copy, since reading reviews and this thread helped. I really hope Sony is paying attention.

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        I see your point, but it could be argued that there were no saloons open in the 13th century  ; ). However being overpowered cannot. Its certainly not the worst woke elements but this was the same reason I did not buy Mortal Kombat 11 as they defeminised the already established characters in my opinion.

        If I were you I would enjoy the game for what it is and give constructive feedback to Sucker Punch telling them what I liked and disliked, politely of course about the game. Any reasonable company should take that onboard.

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        I’m relieved if this is the ”wokeness” in the game because for me that doesn’t feel woke at all. Getting this game on Monday

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      Game was great.  xD

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        How long did it take you? I just did the duel of demons

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          I think it took me a week.  Picked up the game on Friday, launch date, and got the Plat on Thursday.

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            Did you do everything and uncover the entire map?

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              I think the only thing I didn’t do was get all the banners.  You don’t need them all for the Plat.

              Map uncovers when you beat all the outposts.

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      RNFetchBlobTmp_p8o10eikmvb3xg1xbgnol1I love photo mode. Just made this one.

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      1595855208781315478851Ghost of Tsushima free dynamic theme redeem code is 5NECF9N475M8 for US and Canada

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      This game is huge. Not sure how people beat it so fast.

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      RNFetchBlobTmp_2675enw240zodrrio1gzslThe Ghost

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      The desperate marketing tactics of TLoU2 is insane. Went to my local video game store and asked for Ghost of Tsushima, they said it was sold out but that they have copies of another new game if I’m interested (talking obviously about TLoU2). And the shelves were legit stacked with copies of it. I said no thanks and ordered a copy of Ghost of Tsushima online.

      It arrived yesterday, I opened up the case and boom. The last of us shoved right into my face. It’s hilarious how desperately Naughty Dog tries to force the game down our throats everywhere because they know how fast the sales are dropping and gamestore shelves are filling up with copies.


      (Btw, the disc is inside my ps4 and I was too lazy to take it out for the picture so yes I actually did get the game and not an empty case)094A0CC5-674D-4191-B0A0-EFC4A7118E5144D9FDD7-0DDC-48DC-9955-75351416A040

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        Wtf how did that happen? They put the TLOU2 in the Ghost of Tsushima case? I would be so mad..

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          Yeah just casually slipped in some TLoU product placement inside the case. I didn’t get mad I just found it hilarious how desperate they are.

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        You should of taken a picture of all the copies on the shelf.

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