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    I think it took me a week.  Picked up the game on Friday, launch date, and got the Plat on Thursday.


    Did you do everything and uncover the entire map?


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    I think the only thing I didn’t do was get all the banners.  You don’t need them all for the Plat.

    Map uncovers when you beat all the outposts.


    The desperate marketing tactics of TLoU2 is insane. Went to my local video game store and asked for Ghost of Tsushima, they said it was sold out but that they have copies of another new game if I’m interested (talking obviously about TLoU2). And the shelves were legit stacked with copies of it. I said no thanks and ordered a copy of Ghost of Tsushima online.

    It arrived yesterday, I opened up the case and boom. The last of us shoved right into my face. It’s hilarious how desperately Naughty Dog tries to force the game down our throats everywhere because they know how fast the sales are dropping and gamestore shelves are filling up with copies.


    (Btw, the disc is inside my ps4 and I was too lazy to take it out for the picture so yes I actually did get the game and not an empty case)094A0CC5-674D-4191-B0A0-EFC4A7118E5144D9FDD7-0DDC-48DC-9955-75351416A040


    Wtf how did that happen? They put the TLOU2 in the Ghost of Tsushima case? I would be so mad..


    You should of taken a picture of all the copies on the shelf.


    Yeah just casually slipped in some TLoU product placement inside the case. I didn’t get mad I just found it hilarious how desperate they are.


    My friend, as a just recently PS4 owner (been with Microsoft since the beginning), this game is so worth it. I just bought the game the other day and let me tell you this game is great. It’s visually breathtaking, the combat, while a bit difficult at times, is challenging, the story (so far on my playthrough) is good, and the freedom the game gives you is astounding.


    I highly recommend picking this one up. Cheers.


    I’m all on the “get woke, go broke” train and ham fisted representation is annoying to say the least, but honestly I don’t see AC:V as being woke.


    Having almost 100% the game, I gotta admit that there were some woke aspects in the game (i had no idea), but they didn’t affect the quality of the game.
    The story is okay, the gameplay, graphics and art are amazing and it’s probably the best game of 2020, but still not on the same level of RDR2 or Witcher 3.  Too many predictable and repetitive missions (i mean, besides killing mongols and bandits what else can we do?). And it’s noticeable that the devs played it safe with the story and “companions”…


    Spoilers ahead:

    Slightly woke points: The weak feminine brother, the Strong brave Sister (Yuna), Masako being strong af in her 60 and… being bissexual… lol  And the lack of pretty female characters is a little meh, specially in ancient japan where geishas were super common, there’s nothing about it, just old people. Oh well.

    But the game is great. I had fun playing it.

Viewing 12 posts - 76 through 87 (of 87 total)
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