Ghostbusters Afterlife 👻


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      Anyone up for eating roast turkey in the cinema 🍗? Coming this Thanksgiving 👻


      Like this trailer.

      We get something of the story.

      And I like the:

      “We are closed.”

      < BWAH HA Ha ha > 👻


      Oh man I’m so ready for this.


        Do you folks really think they won’t make this woke?  Prepare to be disappointed.


        Hey @Vknid! A boy can dream dammit. Let me have this moment before having my heart ripped out.



          Hey! I hope I am wrong! So dream away! :)


          I’ve seen the trailer and I got say:

          2 words

          Much Better

          I hope it ain’t like Wokebusters(Ghostbusters 2016). I’ve seen Wokebusters out of curiosity and to be honest I know everyone is up against. Same goes for the Last Jedi.

          I’m considering adding this to my temporal comeback to Western Entertainment. I’ll also hope it ain’t a trap just like the Record of Ragnarok although it’s not woke but it’s still a disgrace to it’s source material and Army of the Dead although I have love/hate for+enjoyed Army of the Dead. But still, I’ll also hope it won’t be a trap.


          Looks great, but i don’t trust hollywood. Still a couple of months away…

          who knows, maybe they’ll sexualize the kids and make them all lgbtq+… we never know lol but i hope it’s not woke… this 2nd trailer is really awesome.


          I hope Ghostbusters Afterlife succeeds and not become a trap. Once it succeeds and it’ll show how good of an idea it is for fans to take over the Western Entertainment Industry and to be honest Fans should rule the Western Entertainment Industry instead of those corporate drug addicted idiot cowards running it.


          When I saw the last trailer, I started crying when I saw Egon’s jumpsuits. This trailer, I nearly started crying again during the Ghostbusters commercial. Those mini Staypuffs look adorable! In short, I can’t wait and hopefully I might be tempted to go to the cinema for this one depending on the situation by then.


          I watched Ghostbusters last night.

          Did you?


            @Roas, i’m gonna do Ghostbusters 1 & 2 marathon the night before going to the cinema for Afterlife 🤩


            Did anyone else notice that this movie is being directed by the son of the director of the original “Ghostbusters”?


            Back in 2016 it was woke busters that was the Patient Zero that caused all the movies afterward to get woke and……go broke. Would it not be poetic and great if this new Ghost Busters wasn’t woke at all and became the Patient Zero that caused all the movies afterward to get unwoke and make money then real life followed by not being terrible anymore….….…….…..just me hoping. A Power Ranger can dream can’t he?


            @Ryder_the_great  That is one reason so many people are expecting a GREAT film, as the SON wanted to honour his father’s work.

            And how he incorporated his now deceased dad into the story is a show of tribute, IMO.

            So far, from all the u-tube reaction vids, I have yet to have one that is negative to “afterlife”.

          Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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