Gina Carano has apparently been fired by Lucasfilm

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    I’m stunned.  I didn’t think they’d actually be dumb enough to do it.

    This is the last straw for me.  I’m done with Disney Star Wars.  Absolutely done.


    Yup, the little hope/excitement that remained associated to the Star Wars brand has suddenly died.


    And after they’d finally brought some fans back toward maybe giving Star Wars another chance, too.


    Guess that’s pretty much done now, myself included. I’ll go to fanfiction from now on for Star Wars; at least those creators don’t give a fuck where you land socio-politically.


    I’m still hoping its alive. Favero has a Twitter account doesn’t he. He should stick up for her. He has leverage.


    she will not be the last we need to organize and do more then youtube about this shit dont give them a fucking penny but we need to really organize here and fight back against this shit the sjw’s are organized they know how to work twitter better then most of us they have big tech on their side we need to fight back or kiss our entertainment goodbye


    If this is true then Disney has proven its double standard. Pedro Pascal can put out a tweet that compares Republicans to national socialists and keep his job but Gina Carrano gets fired for comparing the victims of violence from Democrats to the victims of violence under national socialist rule.


    But they keep Pedro after he calls all Trump supporters Nazis… Very epic


    I’m so done with Disney Star Wars at this point. F*** them


    since star wars/lucasfilm has shown their hand and are not afraid to fire a female, its time to get rid of Kathleen Kennedy, the real cancer in that company


    Well she wasn’t exactly fired. They just decided to not renew her contract.


    Sonic they still fed her to the mob and even did stupid shit like remove her from the poster and lying about the reason why. Pedro Pascal posted a meme calling republicans Nazi. Gina posted a meme comparing them to the Jews. Guess who still has a job.


    @SuperSoynic_Speed and the Nazis weren’t mass murderers, they were population control.


    Ignore Soiboi. He has even less concept of historical fact than he does of modern reality.


      This is fucking ridiculous!



    Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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