Gina Carano is a better role model than AOC. Gina is strong, doesn’t cry


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    My father taught me how to fight,

    to survive,

    to never be a victim,

    to never cry,

    because those tears

    would be used against me.

    – Gina Carano, “In The Blood” (2014)


    Gina is the strong woman those sissies wanted to be, but could never be.

    And to use the term “role model AOC” is insulting.  A role model of what?  How to be a socialist/marxists who want to destroy America?


    AOC is nothing more than a meme


    Celebrities and Politicians should not be role models.
    Any good parent is teaching their child, exactly, that.
    Hero worshipping strangers is dumb, I dont care who the stranger is.


    Until recently, I would have agreed with you. But at a time when everyone is bending the knee, she has the courage to speak out.


    aoc is like having a 8 year old little girl that thinks she’s a disney princess doing politics. only dumb people follow her.

    But who knows, maybe some day she’ll grow up and stop lying.


    Ofc Gina is a much better role model. Too bad aoc doesn’t debate anyone other than twitch kids. Imagine if she would debate gina or candace owens, lmao


    Yes Gina Carano is better role model then AOC.



    Occasional-Cortex is a retarded muppet who cant make change.

    But hey its got tits; lets put it in Congress… Seriously I hate that this uneducated butch is making House money. Its not worth miminum wage and its making 175k…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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