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    Gina stand up


    Give it up for RoarAshley – the results of @welovecaradune are:

    Peaked at #4 USA trend.

    Peaked at #23 Worldwide trend.


    Ash is so great!  #WeLoveCaraDune did such an amazing job yesterday, thank you all for participating!


    #WeLoveCaraDune <3 I would’ve tweeted but don’t have twitter, so happy for Gina Carano and fans :3


    Gina Hope


    @pushups2345 That is the most Star Wars quote ever. Hope vs fear.


    I posted #weloveginacarano #WeLoveCaraDune and #ThisIsTheWay in my Twitter account to show my support to Gina Carano against the SJW wirdos.


    Gina is awesome. Keep making the soi based fucks cry by doing nothing.


    Gina is one of the best “celebrities” ever. She’s an amazing role model.

    This is awesome and this movement gives me a lot of faith, for real.

    The woke mob can be stopped.


    You think Cara Dune’s big machine gun overheats like M60s do?

    (This dude describes what I’m talking about – the M60 overheating – pretty well, all while he’s talking about The Punisher )


    Gina awesome


    She is real. Thats why thay have to destroy her.


    Anna (ThatStarWarsGirl) paints Gina


    Gina Sowell


    I absolutely love Gina.  Easily my current celebrity crush, and it’s not just because of her looks.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 58 total)
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