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    I heard that #boycottdisney is trending.

    Guess KK does not what a strong female, who is loved by the customers/fans being the female face of Star Wars.

    That would make her farce of the Acolyte with the female jedi deity Brei (cardboard) Larson look like a bigger piece of sh!t than it already is.


    Looks like KK’s jealous of someone…

    #WeLoveCaraDune <3


    I don’t think Disney deserves Gina.

    Disney is not needed, they ruin everything they touch.

    I think of the old 3E Starwars Roleplaying advertisement where they would circle a random NPC with the caption “whats this guys story”, and think that sounds interesting, but now under Dumbsneys boot, I can only think oh yeah another cloned stormtrooper, nothing original, just another pawn who waits to be ordered to kneel, not a strong character who has independent thought or will.

    I hope she refuses to associate with them, I understand people need money, but how much money would you need to really want to stand among their kind. I am sure not all the people are awful and some are actually talented and probably decent people in real life, but why would you go back to be grouped in with that kinda vile association.

    Gina Carano is a rolemodel, I look forward to seeing her continue to be a strong human being.


    when you focus in actions and results these people come for you for not being “nice” dont “accounting for their feelings” well in the long run we see what works, while they have their mouths full of pretty words like “justice, inclusivity, empowerment” heres a badass making her own way with an ortodox jew with the support of youtubers from all races, countries and ideas. much love to gina carano all the eway from south america !


    For me Gina Carano is the type of girl I’d be plutonic friends with and I’d ask her to teach me to fight because after seeing how much she took from Lucasfilm, Disney and the media and hot up plus the fact that she has MMA training….I’d ask her to help train to fight. THERE I SAID IT!!!!! I’M A GUY AND I WOULD TOTALLY ASK GINA CARANO A BADASS FEMALE TO TRAIN ME TO FIGHT!!!!!

    Gina Carano is an actual strong female I would look to be my like a Mr. Miyogi and teach me how to learn yo fight MMA and stand up for myself. I having Aspergers have been bullied my entire life and if I could ask one person to teach me to be a stronger person, I’d ask Gina because after all she went through….I don’t think I’d be able to get up like she did.

    So Gina if I ever met her, I’d ask her to teach me, cause I am so sick of getting bullied all the time in my life.



    Too add to this story, it is being reported the Gina did not find out she was fired/contract not renewed via the media.  So she found out when the fans found out.


    Yet another class-act by KK and Kompany.


    At least Gina has been a class-act about it all, including her comments afterwards.


    Here is what I find fascinating. After all of this, people who are Gina fans want her to go back to Mando. They’ve got a petition to Disney to hire her back.

    Why in the hell would she want to go back to that nightmare?



    Possible reasons Gina might want to go back to Star Wars one day:

    1) She loves Star Wars and (i’m guessing) doesn’t want it to go to shits (more than it already has)

    2) She cares about the fans, and if fans love her character, she might want to keep having the opportunity to bring that character to life

    That said, i don’t think she’ll ever give up her freedom for Star Wars, and if one day she does go back and trolls don’t like it and keep attacking her? Honestly, do we really think Gina’s the type of person who cares what trolls say or think of her?? No, if she did she’d have already bent the knee, so i think no amount of trolling can get Gina to quit anything, and that includes Star Wars if the offer comes up for her to go back



    It’s too late for me to make a video anymore tonight, so my thoughts/take will have to wait until tomorrow morning, but if you take into account what that article reveals, they treated her like shit. She was being the bigger person, needs of the many etc, and they still threw her under the bus.

    Fuck Disney. Fuck Lucasfilm.

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    Fuck Disney. Fuck Lucasfilm.

    They clearly shown purity is more important to them then the story arcs with two seasons of build up or the overall health of fandom. I am absolutely convinced the goal isn’t to replace the old fans, but to make the fans fight amongst ourselves. But that can only work if people still care about Star Wars at this point. I really thought pulling the toy orders was because they couldn’t legally sell them anymore, everyone else seems to think its a personal decision. The latter really bothers me. This wasn’t about the bottom line or the brand, it was about a personal grudge. God I’m so made Roas. Why the fuck can’t someone with a spread sheet and common sence at Disney just purge the entire studio.


    God I’m so made Roas.


    What did I do? What are you going to do to me?

    J/K, I know it’s a typo, heh. Couldn’t resist.



    I love Gina Carano in both Deadpool and Mandalorian. I’ve come to see the “woke mob” as nothing more than a group of bullies that everyone is cowing down to. Gina has the right attitude toward these bullies. Stand up to them and show them they can’t control you. In Jr High and High School I always tried to be an anti-bully. I stood up for those that were too scared to do it themselves.  I tried to show them these bullies are cowards at heart. I’ve always been on the short side, so it wasn’t my intimidating figure that scared them it was the fact I was willing to fight them and get my butt kicked if need be.


    most of the bullies I met are the same people that today leftists defend and support no matter what.


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