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    I saw the Gina Carano interview with Ben Shapiro and after finding out about her early life like how she had friends that got shot in the head or died of drug overdoses and how she got into alot of fights…I understand why Gina is such brave and strong person in life. She had real hardship in her life unlike these SJW weirdos that constantly attack her online for having her own opinion.

    With how hard things are mow for everyone, I can only hope we learn to be strong like Gina also and stop bitching about small things like these SJWs who attack her do.




    I mailed Disney board of directors a letter this morning with tracking, through the US post office, letting them know I never had a Disney+ account but I had a Hulu account for a long time, years, and I canceled it after there abhorrent way of treating Gina Carano. Yes Disney acquired Hulu.

    Disney’s corporate hq is:

    500 South Buena Vista Street

    Burbank, California, 91521





    the real proof is star wars social media lol its scrolling forever with gina qoutes a month after she was fired oof smh at disney


    Gina Carano as Cara Dune Star Wars The Mandalorian:

    OIP (23)


    More photo of Gina Carano as Cara Dune The Mandalorian.

    OIP (22)





    I don’t think Disney deserves Gina.

    They do, but not in the way that they want.


    I absolutely love Gina.  Easily my current celebrity crush, and it’s not just because of her looks.


    She’s alright, but I respect the hell out of what she did.  I’d let her fuck me just due to the fact that in 5 months she accomplished more against Disney than any of us did in 5 years.  My respect for Gina is sky high.


    greg the egg xDD



    Respect to Bear, for not being afraid of getting the woke mob angry.


    its a good start but we have to keep the pressure up make sure to keep downvoting the youtube videos and qouting gina the tide is turning we just have to hold the course!

Viewing 13 posts - 46 through 58 (of 58 total)
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