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      Ok, first lets just say the FX was great, Music was ok… But like with Snyders Justice League they missed the biggest of all themes… Snyder didn’t do Superman and this one Barely did Godzilla and I do mean barely…. What is next Luke without his theme?

      What are these studios doing, This is not a minor oversight it is a massive one. Major characters have a theme for a reason you cannot leave it out, we fans don’t miss such massive failures.

      Story again like the previous Godzilla was lacking for the people in it again felt thrown together only to move the pieces along this is why I could only give it an 8.

      KONG was awesome as was Godzilla and Mech blew me away and TITAN BATTLE WAS WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN…. AWESOME IN ALL REGARDS.

      This one is again worth the watch for the true stars THE MONSTERS.


      Has the film been released? I thought it was supposed to come out in June.

      INDB is quickly looking like the RT of 2021. They seem to be creating fake anti SC fans to give this film a 10/10 and what I suspect fale SC fans to vote the film at 1/10… The bullshit is thick. video.


        It officially releases to the public tomorrow or tonight after midnight, however they are going to do it. I still get early access for things and this is one i cared to see. Im an old fan from the original Toho through even the bad ones.

        I saw the bombing and honestly it was just childish. Not sure where the 10’s are coming from, its an 8 at best probably 7.5 would be a good number. My guess on the 10’s is people who see it one time and go out to say its great without taking time to stop think and watch it again. The CGI would easily get the 10 though if thats all you wanted.


        So that vid I posted is from 3 days ago now; Unless the ‘reviews’ are from paid reviewers all of them are fake if it doesnt release to the public till today.

        Good or bad any review that comes before a release date is suspect.



          I have the previous two movies and enjoy them.

          I just watched it.

          Had fun, it was decent, though I think it should have been longer with some more fleshed out characters and story. I was impressed at the graphics in the Hong Kong fights. Utterly realistic.

          The Hollow Earth stuff was a bit…odd. Who built all that stuff in Kong’s Throne Room? I kind of….didn’t like that aspect/idea in the movie. It just seemed odd to have all this Hollow Earth stuff, and again, if the movie had been longer that all could have been explained more.

          I felt the movie focused too much on Kong and needed some more Godzilla. Godzilla to me is just a bad ass. Period. I loved the scene where he laughed at Kong.

          What exactly was the point in having a nearly deaf little girl somehow be friends with Kong and communicate with him? I found that aspect stupid. Can we have a movie that doesn’t have so much human crap in it and just focus on the monsters or aliens? Please? I am SOOO tired of the human interest in monster and alien movies. How about a Predator movie with not ONE SINGLE HUMAN in it? No EARTH!!! I am just tired of it in movies. Ok, rant over.

          In regards to the review bombing: The people doing this are complete idiots who clearly have NO idea that the movie was made by Legendary…NOT Warner Brothers. Warner is just distributing the movie, that had little to do with the Production. It’s absolutely ridiculous to review bomb a movie that had nothing to do with the issue people are being pissy about.

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          Watched it.

          Satisfied enough as an old school Godzilla guy.

          Looks like the rest of my day is devoted to a review video.



            Im not a paid reviewer, my review was up before release (today) as were others. IMBD is at least in some respects better than Tomato. Really throw out 10’s and 1’s those are from what ive found in all but a very very few cases either people probably involved in the film or super fans who the show could do no wrong for (10’s) or people who have an axe to grind (1’s).

            Its an 8 as they only to whole numbers or i would have hit it with a 7.5 as I said…. But please understand there are a lot of people who get to see things early that are just people and many do give honest reviews. Dont lump everyone in a category that really only a few people fit in (shills, trolls, bought and paid for hacks).




            Well that took all day.

            Guess I’ll have to talk about non-binary Jedi Twins tomorrow :P


            Ill watch this when the one on Blotube hiding downvotes is done.


              Two things to add… 1st Hong kong fight…. Kong used multiple illegal moves including Kick to the face :)


                Ok so after third watching. I need to do a further review.

                First of all, Kong did clearly cheat with an Illegal kick to the head (picture was horrible) but furthermore he came in to the ring untagged by Godzilla in 1st picture below.

                He then clearly Eye Gouged Mecha, another bitch cheating move (second picture)

                And final picture you can see Godzilla is pissed at Kongs cheating.

                Now all fun aside, 3rd watch im actually bumping my review up (very rare to do) to a 8.5, Damn those battles were great and finally a director who did then in (Daylight) still no clue why humONs are in this. I can tell you right now they could make a monster movie with no words and two hours of the Titans and we would know the plot and whats needed…. Now I have a theory we are going to get more Coco I mean Kong and im not sure how I feel about having COCO. But I will be watching this again its Monster Battles and fun.


                Watched it a few nights ago and couldn’t really get into it.

                I liked how they used many different elements from many different previous sci-fi movies.  Thought most of the rest was mediocre at best.  I would have turned it off in the middle of the movie if I didn’t have company.

                Something did get my attention though; how they emasculated men.  That stuck with me more than anything.

                Overall it’s basically a movie you have to turn your brain off to enjoy.  I’m happy for those who enjoyed it, but it wasn’t really for me.


                Something did get my attention though; how they emasculated men. That stuck with me more than anything.

                Thanks, I just saved my money. Yeah Godzilla movies aren’t watched for human characters but that doesn’t mean Hollywood should get woke. I’m pirating it and skipping to the monster scenes only just like I did with King of the Monsters. I will never watch a movie in a theater ever again.


                Watched it. nothing special. the fights were cool. the drama and characters were bad, just like it was in the previous godzilla movie.

                Skull Island was a decent movie, much better than the Godzilla one (imo), so it was predictable that Kong would be getting the best scenes in this movie.
                My rating 5/10

                The conspiracy guy and the kids were fine, not great but fine…

                But the other guys? That dude that is supposed to be the main human character? wtf lol and that Maya chick, what was the purpose of her character? These writers get paid so much, and can’t create slightly memorable empathetic characters…


                I can’t stand the Stranger Things kids. Just don’t like them. Hollow Earth part was good, as I like conspiracies. Also, I like how MechZilla was piloted, although instead of “telepathically, they should have just had him in VR because it’s like he had a VR/AR visor on and that would be sweet to throw on gaming gear and pilot a robot like that. Just that alone was a good concept.

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