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    Am I the only one here hoping for Camelot to pick up this series again and release the fourth installment?

    Golden Sun was by far one of the best game series of the Nintendo handheld systems: incredible gameplay, awesome story, unforgettable ost. It is truly a shame that it has been gears since the release of Dark Dawn and there’s been no news about a fourth game.


    Played the first two and loved them. I’d like to see a switch release and 4th installment.


    I’d really love a new game for Switch


    Golden Sun 1Golden Sun 2 The Lost AgeGolden Sun Dark Dawn


    I only played Dark Dawn, but some friends have told me the GBA games were much better. Kind of want to get them someday.

    Actually have the player’s guide for The Lost Age. (Back in the days of Nintendo Power, you could get a free player’s guide when you renewed your subscription. So at one point I arbitrarily selected the Golden Sun: The Lost Age player’s guide)


    Golden sun and Chrono trigger


    I too share this sentiment! We need a new golden sun game! The switch is a perfect platform for this franchise.

    Btw, nintendo did renew a trademark in 2018 with golden sun. So the IP isn’t out right dead. It could mean a GBA emulator is coming to Nintendo online…. eventually


    I’d like to see a fourth installment, but I also believe it would be wise for people to have easier access to the first three. If those games aren’t rereleased digitally on Switch, a remake of the first two as one game would be a great start. The first two games were originally one, so that would be amazing to see. It would be a nice resurgence for the franchise.


    This. So much this.

    Golden Sun remastered with Link’s Awakening’s graphics.


    I really hope one day Camelot and Nintendo brings back the series and remakes the original and the Lost Age for the Switchwcdqu8lmhzn31


    I think what is more likely to happen is that they bring GBA games to Nintendo Online and include these 2.


    I’d love to have access to the Golden Sun franchise again, not that I have much free time to play through them at the moment…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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