Grace Randolph: Spewing lies and misinformation about Gina Carano.

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    I know many of you are aware of who Grace Randolph is. She has a popular youtube channel called Beyond the Trailer. The fellas on Friday Night Tights have joked about her a few times as well. “Soooo!”

    Recently she has been showing her clear political views, which is fine, we all have them. However, they are formed from false information, which the twitter tantrum people propagate as fact, and hypocrisy.

    First. I point you to this video which I time stamped for the correct time :

    I quote” Gina Carano said some really bad stuff about Transgender People. And you know, pronouns” No, she in fact NEVER said anything about Transgender people. Quite the opposite in fact if you watched the Drink 3PO interview with her. Gina simply does not feel the need to bow to the twitter mob and put pronouns in her bio. (NEITHER DO I), Period. That is all. This lie about Gina being a “Transphobe” has gone on and on and I am sick of it.

    Second. We have the new video today. Time stamped:

    Gina Carano is “problematic” with her recent post? In regard’s to her older drama back in December “I don’t know why they didn’t get rid of her then?” Yadda Yadda Yadda. On and on Grace goes being misinformed on the facts of the situation.

    The facts are:

    What about the Pedro Pascal posts that is frankly nearly the same as her recent post that got her fired and one of his about Trump supporters is actually worse? (watch the video up top)

    Let’s not forget that the content in Gina’s recent post is proved right by Pedro’s post against Trump supporters and what he was saying.

    What about the posts spewing hate from Krystina Arielle?

    Heh? WHAT ABOUT THOSE. Both from Lucasfilm employee’s. Neither were fired, and Krystina was actually promoted and backed up by Disney via twitter, even after all the vile things she has said.

    So. Which is it? It is ok to believe a narrative that is proven wrong by simply a few quick google searches? Meaning you are too LAZY to research the events surrounding Gina Carano yourself. Or, is it ok to have people fired for doing the same thing others employed by Lucasfilm are doing, some flat out worse, but Gina’s post’s just happen to not be on the proper and allowed “side” of the political fence?

    The blatant hypocrisy we have here is just astounding to me. It’s infuriating. I have never shouted at a youtube video until these recent video’s by Grace.

    It’s time to unsub from Grace frakin Randolph. Enough is enough.


    PayDro & Kristy are communists so of course the rat loves anything they think.
    Gina is not a communsit so everything she said is evil and must be destroyed.

    Fuck the rat.
    Fuck NOT-Lucasfilm.
    Fuck the limp jedi and all SJWs too.


    Im going out on a limb here, pronouns are retarded.
    I dont care if you think you are a coffee table, born with a wang = he, hatchet wound = she.


    I was shocked to see that Grace is only 34. She looks like one those aged out bimbo bar hags with rat’s nest hair and 10 lbs of makeup, trying to still look like they did in their 80’s salad days.


    Bitch looks & sounds decades older than 34. I know strippers who wear less makeup.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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