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    To Jayne Theory, TUGs, Anna ThatStarWars Girl, Jessi, My Nerdy Home, Mara Jade, and all ladies reading this.

    I feel your pain sisters.

    Like seriously, why do women need permission to be fans of Star Wars and other types of entertainment if they don’t, same would be said about Dudes, Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Trannies, Blacks, Browns, Whites, Yellows, and Foreigners?

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    Project Stardust is the most retarded-ass shit I have ever seen in my fucking life.

    And I’m an Autistic 2nd/1st Generation Mexican American Dude that have loved Star Wars and have been over-obessed with it since I was just a little boy. Did I ever need permission to become a Star Wars Fan?

    Fuck No.

    It’s time to give the world a message:

    “You can become Star Wars Fans without permission. Not just Star Wars Fans. But also, Anime Fans, Star Trek Fans, Halo Fans, L.O.T.R. Fans, Ghost of Tsushima Fans, and Fans of any type of entertainment not matter what country it’s from.”




    I like how it backfired on them. There are more likes on other women’s tweets calling them out than they have supporters for Stardust. Good for those women. There is only one Stardust BTW – Cody Rhodes.


      han solo - wtf


      Here is what I don’t get. This “Project Stardust” is for women who have felt like they were not welcomed or allowed to be SW fans. If they want to be accepted as fans and want to join others in the fandom, then why separate these women from the whole group? Why give them a safe place away from everything instead of working to integrate into the main fandom? The answers: #1) to create an echo chamber of like minded individuals and #2) by integrating into the main fandom, they would have to admit that it isn’t as bad as the media claims and they would lose out on the marketing angle of their agenda.

      I read some of the responses, about how these women would be “challenged” by being asked trivia questions…every star wars fan goes through that. I was a big star wars dork in high school and all my other friends who were fans would challenge my knowledge and vice versa.

      I highly doubt that “Project Stardust” is really about giving female fans a place to be and more about marketing or perhaps finding female centric creators to fill in the ranks at Lucasfilm.



      If Disney doesn’t actually stop with the woke dumpster fires, it really is going to go broke.

    Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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