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      I’d say some of the best promos arguably ever cut was by Macho Man Randy Savage, an argument could be made for Ric Flair

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      Search for some of Mick Foley’s promos during his time in ECW on Youtube….

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      So I know he’s never been known as being great on the mic, but when Bret Hart “snapped” on the March 17th, 1997 episode of Raw is one of the greatest moments ever.

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        Yeah Bret was never a great mic guy but that moment was incredible

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        Aye the Bret Hart segment where he snapped was epic, when I was a kid I thought it was real!

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      Love this topic!

      Obviously Stone Cold and The Rock get mentioned all the time and rightfully so  p- I prefer SCSA but I think Flair belongs in the discussion as well.

      I also think CM Punk is an all-timer on the mic. That promo with him and Triple H still blows me away

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      Chris Jericho, CM Punk, The Miz…all naturals on the mic that can go off script and come up with ideas on their own. I would even throw MJF as a natural and will probably be one of the greats at the end of his career in regard to promo ability.

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      No doubt The Rock and Stone Cold had great mic skills during the Attitude Era. Of course Chris Jericho had some good ones as well when he was talking to Stephanie McMahon some of things he would say had me saying “ouch that was harsh” lol. I enjoyed when Triple HHH and Shawn Micheals when they where in DX and can’t forget the New Age Outlaws.

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      Savage was on a whole other level than anyone in the business past or present, him and Dusty Rhodes would easily top my list. Jake Roberts too, he was…and as AEW has shown…still is, one of the best talkers of all time. Also, while he lacks enough self awareness to keep himself employed these days, Jim Cornette’s rants are better than anyone’s.

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      yeah I love Jake Roberts work in AEW. WWE missed a chance with him managing someone for them.

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      A lot of valid arguments presented here

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      of recent times i really like mjf from aew, good heel

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      Ric Flair, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin to name a few.

      A darkhorse entry for me is Sid.

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      Ric Flair and Macho Man are my picks.  I was a huge fan back in the 80’s.  Not so much anymore, but still enjoy talking about it.


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      Chris Jericho is the best on the mic, also gonna add The Miz and Macho Man.

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      The Rock.
      He was so good he went on to become the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

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      I mean if his Hall of Fame worthy body of work in WWE isn’t enough you can look at his current work in AEW. Jericho has the uncanny ability to get ANYTHING over, sometimes unintentionally.

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      Revisiting a dead topic — During the 80s in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex  there were several local wrestling federations with weekly TV show. The local feds were bought and sold changing hands during the end of the 80s, but WCCW and UWF were memorable because talent from one fed worked in the other. Among those were the likes of Steve Austin.. before the WCW Hollywood Blondes, the future Stone Cold Steve Austin was saddled with a heel gimmick named Stunning Steve Austin (without the Stunner as a finisher ironically).

      Whoever runs this Youtube channel has archives of the various Mid-South regional federations including UWF, and in this particular video Steve Austin gives a fairly decent heel promo and there’s hints of what would become the Texas Rattlesnake.

      Not sure if linking will work so here’s the video and timeclip of the promo.. he works a fairly standard 80s match afterwards..



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      Not so much the greatest, but this promo is hilarious.

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      I hate CM Punk’s political beliefs. But he was a natural on the mic and came closest to blurring the line between real and scripted.

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      Randy Savage, Stone Cold and The Rock. Out of the new ones – Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

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