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      Curious what other people’s take is on this. In my opinion it’s The Godfather, but that’s just from the movies I’ve seen. If you think another film deserves the GOAT slot, why?

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      I think F. Murray Abraham’s performance in this movie is the best I’ve ever seen, and Tom Hulce was great as Mozart.
      Even at 3 hours long, and having watched it several times already, there’s no parts that I can find that should have been cut.
      And despite not being at all an accurate portrayal of history, the movie is so strong it makes you believe it.

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      Yeah the Godfather is an absolute masterpiece of a movie, with every component being perfectly, or near perfectly, excecuted. I can’t comment on Mozart as I haven’t yet seen it but is on my list to do so now. However for me the Godfather doesn’t hold the top spot. In my opinion top spot goes to 2001: A space odyysey. I think it’s kubrick’s best work. The cinematography, the score, the editing, the themes it disccusses and the quality of how it does so is so utterly beyond any other film for me. There are many other greats I love; almost any other Kubrick, any of Quentin’s, and the classics by Billy Wilder and Hitchcock to name a few directors that put out fantastic work. however for me it’s 2001 a space odyssey that wins it.

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        I have to prefer Part 2 to Part 1.  How they navigated the past with the present is outstanding!

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      I’ve only seen the first godfather and I thought it was ok, but the greatest movie of all time to me is Empire Strikes Back.

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      It’s hard to pick, mine might be The Dark Knight

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        Great movie, my favorite of Nolan’s films.

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      The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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      Lord of The Rings extended edition is the GOAT

      Anyone seen Guyver Dark Hero? 8 year old me would’ve said that

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      Tropic Thunder

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        I keep hearing them trying to “cancel that movie” and RDJ for it.

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          Fuck those fuckers

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            Right?  Anything great they wanna destroy it.

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      Got to give it to The Shawshank Redemption.

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      I have to give it up to Gone with the Wind.  Before the HBO Max chaos I seriously love this film.  Vivian Leigh has a powerhouse performance.  You love and hate Scarlett as you watch the character grow.  She finally realizes her true love was not Ashley or Rhett but Tara her family home.  Lots of fun small moments too like Dr. Meade telling Miss Pitty Pat as they were fleeing Atlanta “good heavens woman this is war not a garden party.”  Has me rolling all the time.  A classic gem.  Ohh Ten Commandments is an Easter tradition.  Heston as Moses is fantastic.

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      Fiddler On The Roof. Fun musical, some funny scenes, it dips into history, and I was inspired to play the violin and other instruments at an early age.

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      I’m torn between Super Mario Bros. (1993) and Avengers: Infinity War. Both are GOATs in their own way.

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      Aliens gets my vote. It’s the perfect sci-fi/action movie. It’s only flaw is that you have to see Alien, the greatest horror movie ever, first.

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      12 Angry Men, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Casablanca are all easily the best films of all time…12 Angry Men might be a near perfect film

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        I forgot about It’s a Wonderful Life.  Man I really need to go through my collection!!!

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      My favourite movie of all time is “Catch Me If You Can” and my #2 is “Walk The Line”.


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      Hmm, I think it’s going to be hard to say what movie is the greatest. I mean what makes a movie great? If its part of multiple movies, can it be really considered great? If it have 1 plot hole, then that’s it, not great? I think topic needs to be more specific, but I will try, but I think it will turn into “my favorite movies”.

      The Prestige. The rivalry between Hugh Jackman character and Christian Bale is very well build up and that ending… oof.

      What Dreams May Come. It’s kinda hard to say why, it’s just makes you think and explores some very interesting concepts and just good story.

      Terminator 2. I think I don’t need to say why, it should be obvious.

      There are more of course, but these are the main ones.

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      The Lord Of The Rings, I have spoken.

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      Withnail & I


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      For me ESB….but honourable mentions for Jaws, Lawrence of Arabia and Alien

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      The Good The Bad and The Ugly.


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      To me, it’s Casablanca.  It perfectly balances a compelling plot, fully drawn characters (both main and supporting), and great acting.

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      I watch Casablanca every time I catch it on TV, but the Lord of the Rings trilogy is what I would want with me if I was stranded on deserted island.

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      Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, i maybe biased, i love superhero movies, don’t know if it was like this for anyone els, but watching these movies, especially Infinity War, it felt like each Avenger got 2 housr of screen time, even though in reality most of them only got a few minutes

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      I think it’s Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa. It’s perfect in every way imaginable.

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      The Lion King (1994). I hate that I have to specify the year

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