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      From Crunchyroll

      Apparently we are getting a new sequel movie, a new game and a new manga.

      I always wondered if Kira and Lacus would get a happy ending or not. As long as it doesn’t go Char’s Counterattack. Bandai can’t help themselves but make depressing endings to Gundam…

      SEED Destiny undid a bunch of things from SEED I did not appreciate, especially with Athrun.


      Well this is very interesting.

      SEED and Destiny are my favorites. The HD remasters are beautiful, and I just did my annual rewatch a month ago. I always wanted a third series, back in the day it was theorized it would be called SEED Eternal.

      But here we are, SEED Eclipse. I hope it’s good.

      And Kira and Lacus do get a happy ending. In the Destiny HD Remaster, they tacked on an extra end credits scene that was only available from one of the original DVD releases showing them reuniting at the Plants after Lacus is now Chairwoman Clyne and Kira is what I think an Admiral in ZAFT. Big hug moment. Not the kiss they were denied for two series, but emotional all the same.

      Oh…and fuck Shin…fuck Shin forever. Piece of shit.


        Fucking Shin is a twat. Almost as bad as Shinji…

        He gets a “little” bit of redemption. Just a tiny bit. But you know Bandai done fucked up when they sideline the main character for Kira after about, what, 12 episodes or something like that.


        Lmao just 15 years late… but better late than never. I actually enjoy Gundams (shows in general) with depressing endings like Zeta, IBO, Code Geass, Death Note etc.

        Also, I watched Seed and Destiny a bit later and I knew Kira was gonna hijack the mc role back and Shin was gonna get fucked, so I kinda enjoyed seeing him act like a bitch becasue I knew what was waiting for him, and then he ended up crying on the moon after getting his ass kicked by Athrun.


        Here’s the thing.

        In my last rewatch the other month, I started to think about the overall story of Destiny, and I realized how well constructed it was when it came to the message of Useful Idiots being indoctrinated by Cult of Personality Tyrants. Shin was a perfect Useful Idiot for Gilbert’s indoctrination. Speak pretty phrases filled with buzz words to build up the right emotional connection to make the Useful Idiot feel like they are in the right, using the ideas that the only thing that matters is the end results…the methods can be messy. Don’t ask questions, because I, Gilbert, have all the right answers ready for you. You don’t have to think, just be told what to do.

        Contrast that with the crew of the Arch Angel, who wanted to ask questions, who wanted to know the ever important question of “Why?”, and it really is a nice story of the competing ideas of free thought .vs. programmed thought.


          One of my favorite scenes in SEED was when the Freedom arrives to bail out the Archangel. Then in Destiny, when the Freedom was released, it was frame for frame almost the same animation.

          I hope that whatever they do is NEW ANIMATION and not Gundam Reused Frames like SEED was. LOL.


          Now, what would make me even happier is if the spin off sequel to Gundam 00, with Graham Aker as a member of Celestial Being, would be animated. That would be cool. For those who don’t know, apparently Aker SURVIVED the movie.

          I always wanted to see Astray animated too. Back when I first got into SEED, I like the Astray Frames the most. They just looked cool.


          Eclipse Gundam



          I hope that whatever they do is NEW ANIMATION and not Gundam Reused Frames like SEED was. LOL.


          Yeah. I’m not so fanboy blind that I can excuse the reused animation that happens over and over in Destiny. It’s a little cringe when you see it over an over again…but it doesn’t ruin it.

          Not a fan of 00…I tried…I just didn’t like it.


            @Roas it’s not just Destiny, they did it a bunch in SEED too. Every time the Gundams fight. ESPECIALLY the Duel and the Abyss and co vs Freedom and Justice at the end. I swear I saw the same fight 3 times.

            I loved 00 but I did not care for the movie… I love the music. That dark, gothic style makes my blood pump. But C’est la vie.



              Learned something new today. I was browsing Wikia. I didn’t know that they imply that Athrun and Cagalli make up. I sorta interpreted Athrun ends up with whats her face… The one sister.


              Meyrin Hawke (Lunamaria’s sister).

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              I build the master grade kits, will be ordering this one, I already have the MG Ginn coming,  the full mechanics Calamity Gundam is on order as well


              I build the master grade kits, will be ordering this one, I already have the MG Ginn coming, the full mechanics Calamity Gundam is on order as well


              When I am able to move and get a better place, with a better room for my YouTube studio, I want a Strike Freedom for my background display. Course, I’m not a model builder, so it would probably be a nice statue or really nice figure, but I really do want one for display.

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