Guy takes company public for $28 billion and gets two Sex Assault claims

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    This guy takes his company public.  The value shoots up to $28 billion and out of the woodwork, two women claim sex abuse.  This nonsense must stop. There must be severe penalties for women lying.

    These women had 21 and 17 years to come forward but they did not.  It is only after this guy becomes an instant billionaire that these women make a claim.

    There needs to be a strict statute of limitations on sex abuse claims from women.  You get 6 months.  If you don’t make a claim, it is over with.  Every other crime in society literally has to be reported within two days of happening.  At most, a person can wait a month.  If women want to be considered trustworthy they need to report things when they happen.  This entire nation caters to women.  There is absolutely no reason why they cannot report things.  None.  And if you think this nation does not cater to women, I dare you to pose as a man and try to get many benefits.  There are very very very few things out there that help men.


    It’s unbelievable how people can be so dishonest and garbage human beings. But that’s the result of a society without proper education and moral values. There’s no limits, everybody can do everything for money and fame.

    That’s only one case, we see hundreds of new “cases” happening everyday and most people don’t seem disturbed by it, they even take the liars side, because of the narrative already locked in inside their brain that all women are innocent and all men are bad, specially white men that made some money. That’s what schools, hollywood and music industry teaches and brainwashes us since kids. “Capitalism bad”.

    This also reminds me of that dude Chris D’Elia, right after he has his own special on netflix, goes on Rogan and starts to become popular, some bitches attack him with “sexual misconduct” claims… Netflix drops him, his hollywood “friends” backstab him and now his career is basically done. How can people be this stupid?

    The same happened with Bryan Callen these last months. And who knows who’s next. But it’s very sickening to see their friends just quietly backstabbing them. Shit, if someone tries to pull some shit like this to one of my real friends, I would go to war with them, zero fucks given. We must have honor and values… But I think people like us are almost extinct because of the new generation of pussies. :/



    And you have to wonder why so many rich people find it easier/less costly to just make a settlement.

    It does not prove they are guilty.

    But more and more people see this as a quick way to become gold diggers.

    Easy cash.

    The me-too movement is all about making fast money.

    A reputation, a career, a family can all be ruined by just a rumor, an unfounded accusation, a down right lie.


    If one is guilty of the crime, then yes they should be punished.

    BUT… if they are innocent, the false con-artist should be tried and made to pay for ruining a person.


    Women lie so much.  America just doesn’t want to admit that to themselves.


    Clear ond obvious liars are obvious.

    Let em sue; countersue and let them try to make their claim in court.


    My previous post disappeared.

    Lets try this again.

    *** *** ***

    All those gold-diggers are looking for an easy cash grab.

    Alot of rich and famous people will just settle out of court to shut up the faker, and move on with life.


    But, with so many making false claims, it makes those who are “REALLY” been assaulted less likely to file.

    The me-two helped allow entitled people blackmail others for not getting their way.

    From not getting a promotion (you assaulted me).

    From not getting mentored (you discriminated against me).

    From not getting married (you raped me).


    Just an unproven rumour is enough to ruin a person’s career, life, and family.

    It is a weapon against males.


    All those who lie and ruin an innocent should be counter-sued for double to triple the amount the false claimant made.


    The problem is for the everyday guy.  Average women lie too but an everyday guy cant defend themselves in court and the instantly become sex offenders.  I am very very very serious.  Parents need to worry for their sons because men are instantly guilty in a courtroom and women frankly do not care whose lives they destroy.  Remember what I always say.  If they will abort 67,000,000 babies for their own futures, they will do anything to anyone for their own futures.


    There is a war on Males in western civilization.

    There is a something men can do to help: MGTOW


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