Half a billion for a football player

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      There is something wrong with a world where we pay a guy half a billion to throw a football, but we pay pilots $177,000 a year to keep people safe at 40,000 feet in the air.

      Just boycott sports.   All of them.  I was an athlete too.  It is all just sickening and frankly, you dont need it.  Go live a life and stop wasting time on stupid sports.

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      Its entertainment. Its something that used to be about genuine competition and the human spirit.

      I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan for as long as I can remember, truly. I won’t be watching the NFL until things change, which may never happen.

      I’m with you, but I dont believe most or even close to half will do the same, though I hope I’m proven wrong.


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      Unfortunately sports has been woven into American culture, and while many people genuinely enjoy it, there is a mental component to it. For lack of a better explanation I would liken it to addiction. Walk with me on this one. People basically need their sports, be it pro or college. During seasons they build their whole lives around it, tie their emotions to it. Highs and lows. Think about how much money people piss away on sports to get the high, when in the end all they get is a rush and no other pay off. How many people does anyone reading this know who get super involved in fantasy sports. So involved they get crazy over it. Irrational at times.


      When I was at the height of following the Celtics, during the rebuilding years before 2008, when they lost in the playoffs year after year, I always called what I felt sports depression…I also suffered it whenever the Lakers won. It would take a couple of weeks to get over the feeling of loss, because I wanted the C’s to win so desperately.


      I’m not saying abolish sports, but I think people need to think seriously how much of themselves they are investing into something that in the end doesn’t care about them from the corporations, the teams, and the players. Today players are nothing but over paid man children who think they are better than normal people, that what they say matters more, because they have been chosen to be over paid to just play a game.


      NBA players are the worst out of all of them, because it’s so easy to keep track of them all compared to the other sports with bigger rosters. We know their dumb faces so easily because there are fewer. When I was younger, when EA first starting serializing NBA Live every year, and like a dumbass I spent the $50 each year, I could literally name every player on every team, because I spent so much effort making sure my rosters were always up to date.  We’re also talking about man children who the majority of never even finished college, and while they were there never bothered to even learn anything other than their sport…not that there is anything to learn these days in those dens of liberal insanity.


      So I’ll just add a Fuck LeBron and his basement IQ to this.

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      I don’t care if the guy is making millions. I just think these teams that have a QB eating such a big hole into their salary caps, usually end up not being able to keep a good team around their quarterback. There is a reason Tom Brady was always taking below market value all those years with the Patriots. He knew the team needed to spread the money around a little more evenly if he wanted to keep making Superbowl runs.

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