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      Obviously Halo isn’t what it used to be to a lot of people, but I still very much enjoy the franchise and I’m hoping this gets everything back on track. Who else is hyped for Halo Infinite?



      Ever since I heard the leaks on the gaming podcast, I’m not sure.  Halo 3 ended perfectly as it tied in to the first game (my favorite) with Installation 04 B.  I’m probably not gonna preorder but I’ll give it a shot.  What was your favorite in the series?


        3 is my favorite, but I was late bloomer to Halo. I wasn’t an Xbox guy so my first game was 3 – then I went back and played the other games and I loved them. I also enjoyed Halo : Reach much more than a lot of people did it seems.


        Reach was good.  Invasion was my favorite game mode in multiplayer.  The problem is when most players are selfish tryhards who wont play the objective.  But that’s unfortunately with most shooters these days.


        I’m not necessarily hyped for it like I was for 3 but I am looking forward to seeing how the campaign will be as I think they will probably try to wrap up MC’s story in this one.


        As far as multiplayer I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with BTB as I LOVE BTB. Especially Heavies.


        Hi Jeremy



          Kind of went off Halo after Halo 5, although Halo reach was one of my all time favourites.

          However I will always give a new game to the franchise a chance.


          Somewhat hyped. I just don’t want it playing like halo 5 at all. No ADS, no sprint, no ground pound, etc.  sprint I guess I can live with but ADS…I will not buy the game.


            Im hyped played since OG XBOX


            I’m currently playing through the entire series again leading up to release.  Halo remains Microsoft’s best IP.


            I was hyped, but as we get closer to the release date and still no new info on the gameplay I’m kinda losing interest. I want to give 343i a another chance, especially after the disappointment that was Halo 5, but after watching Act Man’s interview with Marty, I just don’t think 343i has ever had the creative freedom that Bungie did. Marty seemed to imply that Microsoft seems to be constantly breathing down the necks of the creatives at 343i. If Infinite sucks I’m retreating to OG Bungie Halo.


              I’m super excited. I grew up with Halo.


              I’m hyped because it’s HALO & a return to the old art style but I’m also worried because H5’s garbage campaign may have backed them into a story telling corner much like how Last Jedi did for Rise of Skywalker.

              But also the fact that there’s not been much in news as far as what the story/gameplay will be kind of worries me. Like, what has happened in the interim between H5 & Infinite? Will multiplayer have any advanced movement like Reach, H4, & H5? Will there be any new weapons introduced? Will REQ variants still be a thing & if so, in what capacity? Also, has it been delayed due to the coof? IIRC, someone from either Microsoft or 343i said it hasn’t been delayed but that could’ve easily changed.

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              I’m gonna have to be honest I was too badly disappointed with Halo 5 guardians and from the looks of this it seems more like a reboot than a sequel where nothing will be explained unless you also purchase both the comic books and the novels to get any sort of answer to what’s going on!

              As much as I love the Halo franchise I’m probably going to have to pass on it until the reviews come out.


              Halo is easily one of my favorite FPS series of all time. I remember getting the first one on PC for my birthday in 2004, then just had to get an Xbox to play Halo 2, which was coming out on the same year.

              Needless to the say, the series was the reason why I bought a 360 and even an X1. The former was certainly worth it but with Halo 5…

              I didn’t think it was a bad game, it was just a very empty experience. Halo means so much to a lot of people, in the same way Star Wars does. I hope this length of time of waiting means 343 are looking where they went wrong and are trying their hardest to do this series justice.

            Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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