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      I recently created a 2nd Youtube channel called Blue-Tap, it is strictly for Photography & Videography. I am by no means a pro or trained. I have been dabbling for a long time & I want to document my progress.
      I decided to showcase my photography skills here taking pictures of one of my favorite collectibles. Halo, Reach diorama. I am far better with photoshop than I am object photography. I shoot with either a GoPro Hero 8 & an LG-G6.  I’ll be getting an actual camera next March, a 4K Mirrorless cam.
      What do you guys think?
      Halo Reach 1

      Halo Reach 1b

      This is the original file.

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      The color and detail in the top photo really stands out to me. I also like how the focus isn’t solely on the front most figure so the two behind it are in sharp focus as well.

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