Has animation shifted?

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      I just saw the below Clownfish video.  In it they make an assertion that animation as an industry has shifted and will continue to do so.  I find that an interesting thought.

      It seems to me (and they do point this out) that the western type toons have failed more or less and that Anime/Manga movies/series are really where it is going to.  Now personally I think this has to do with the garbage being churned out in the west to a great degree. In fact, right now it seems to me this will create a vacuum in the market.  That is why anime/manga is flooding in.  But eventually I do believe you will have some new enterprising blood in the space.  People with talent who care about making good stories and shows.  How long until we get to that point I am not sure.  But this has happened in the comics world with folks like Eric July.  So I see that as an example of how this can go.  And obviously the comics world bleeds over to shows/movies so maybe new blood there can provide fresh and good titles.

      I am no expert in any of this but I do remember very clearly the “golden age” of animation in the 90’s where it was raining great shows. I want that to come back.



      The WB animated universe which included the likes of Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, Static Shock and Teen Titans ended in the mid-2000s and was the last of the great animated series IMO.

      The Teen Titans series was heavily influenced by Anime showing that even back then the powers that be had an idea of where things were headed.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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