Has anyone here successfully deleted a Disney account?

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    Called in today (been just over a month since the last call) and got a new excuse this time – on Aug 9 (or 16) they switched to a new system so my old reference number was no longer valid!  When he looked up my record from my email address, he saw that I contacted them April 21 and requested deletion but nothing had happened.  I told him I suspect that they have no actual policy for removing accounts and just use them to inflate subscriber numbers.  He said it was a valid theory.  I repeat, the tech support rep said it was plausible that they have no deletion method so they can inflate their numbers!  I got a new reference number for next time.



    One other thing I would suggest;

    Have you ever filled out a Better Business Bureau file on Disney?

    Not only will this “complaint” be publicly available and encourage others to do the same, but having the BBB now adding pressure on Disney to “delete your account” might help.

    And don’t let the evil empire of the mouse win.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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