Hasbro Exposed! Still Going to See Snake-Eyes?


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    As I have said in the past, I would give the Snake-Eyes film a chance, albeit with a <5% confidence level.  The race swapping is not ideal, but it is clear the character is American from the trailers, so the outsider aspect could be preserved. True lore masters will know he didn’t start with the mask out of necessity due to disfigurement until AFTER he had joined the Joe team.  Still, I am not confident.  With that being said, I think I am out after the Project Veritas interview with a Hasbro whistleblower.

    Critical race theory training at Hasbro? Not a shock, as most Fortune 500s have it or something close to it.  But seeing it and knowing it and it being an entertainment company makes it worse.  My video is below.



    I watched your video, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the whole whistle blower element you discussed, but ultimately I didn’t need to see it to make up my mind, I’ve already made my decision.

    Speaking as someone who as a kid, was probably Australia’s biggest GI Joe fan, I collected just about everything I could get my hands on, the 12 inch figures, the 4 inch figures, everything from the classic joes from the 60s to Sigma 6, spending a lot of time researching toy lines that were discontinued before I was born, I just wish that a live action GI Joe film was made in the 80s or 90s, back then people at least tried to respect the source material and plenty of potential actors, imagine Kurt Russell as Duke, Harrison Ford as Flint, or Sigourney Weaver as Lady Jaye? Sgt Slaughter as himself? or Jessie Ventura as ether Wild Bill/Recondo/Bazooka (tell me your ideas)? such a movie may not be perfect but I bet that it sure as hell would’ve been better than anything released afterwards,  I was 10 when I saw The Rise of Cobra and I thought it was stupid.

    I hated how Duke was made into such a simp, I couldn’t stand men like that even when I was a kid and knew nothing about topics like “red pill” or “men going their own way” or anything of that sort, I also didn’t like how they gave Channing a near buzzcut with a goatee and black superhero outfit instead of you know, making him look like Duke, I thought the Snake Eyes with the mouth was stupid (along with the fact that he just refuses to talk, even though he’s supposed to be vocally disabled), Heavy Duty being Roadblocks cousin, isn’t supposed to be British, Scarlett wasn’t as badly depicted as the others, but since when was she trying to be an emotionless vulcan who thinks that romantic attraction cannot be scientifically proven to exist? General Hawk was in my view the most accurately portrayed.

    I can go on, but I didn’t like it, from that point on I knew there was little hope of GI Joe going back to the way it was, I liked Retaliation, but that movie wasn’t appreciated enough as a change for the better to save the franchise, to be told many of the bad ideas being used now go back over a decade ago, the reason 2009’s Cobra Commander was so weird is because the producers thought that the original version was too KKK like, what Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers discussed recently about the hood ban, I knew already when I was in primary school (what you Americans call elementary school), Snake Eyes not wearing a mask in the new movie isn’t new ether, back in the late 2000s the people making the movie thought that heroes shouldn’t wear masks but Brian Goldner intervened and pressured them into preserving his design to an extent, how do I feel about the new Snake Eyes movie? personally I don’t mind Henry Golding,I don’t necessarily think he is the ideal actor for Snake Eyes,  I know he’s part Asian but the fact that he’s also British and has European facial features doesn’t make it too much of a race swap for me, personally though I’m not interesting in anything new related to GI Joe, because as far as I’m concerned, GI Joe is not immune to any of the rubbish that other franchises have to go through and my past experiences have lowed to expectations even further, as far as I’m concerned, hollywood wasted a lot of potential decades ago, that ship is sailed now.



      I saw the original Project Veritas video. I wasn’t surprised or shocked in the least. But I did find it depressing. Haven’t the people advocating for this thought about where this leads? Does it lead to some utopia of fairness? NO. It leads to a highly divided society where everyone is forced to stay within their little class/race box and if you step out you are drummed out of society. So China essentially. And I think that is the entire point of CRT.


        This just dropped from Project Veritas. The whistleblower of course has had his access suspended.


        MLK fought against segregation.

        Now people are calling for segregation.

        MLK fought for a color-blind justice system.

        Now people are calling for colored justice system.

        MLK fought against racists.

        Now people are calling for racism.

        MLK fought for people to look at one’s hard work, work ethics… equal opportunity.

        Now people are calling for equal outcome with laziness and no work ethics at all.

        MLK fought for the American Dream for ALL.

        Now people are against the American Dream.




          MLK wasn’t a racist which is why he wanted those things.

          The people calling for those things ARE racists.


          Whistleblowers are the heroes and martyrs of our time. Once you are exposed as a truth teller, you go on a blacklist. I respect that guy a ton. Grateful for people like him.


          Wow. Even Campea trashed it.


          I has never going to see it, but will say that I would have been tempted had the character retained the mystique of the mask.


          The Conscious Kid has responded.  PV literally showed the training.  Showing what you say is now a “smear campaign.”

          Open-Airlock Policy on Twitter: “Brave David Johnson and Project Veritas literally showed what @consciouskidlib said. I am going to try to get a follow-up video out this weekend.” / Twitter



            Nope. They wont get my money. And to further stick it to them i’ll torrent it when it comes out.

            This is not Snake Eyes. Period.


            David Johnson is my new hero, this guy risked everything to get the truth even if it cost him everything. I hope he doesn’t have any kids or a wife to look after cause after what he did by whistle blowing…..he is gonna be spending alot of time trying to find a new job and during this era when getting a stable job is very hard.

            I hope what he did strikes massive waves into Hasbro and forces that company along with all companies in the West to drop the wokeness and just concentrate on making money by giving the costumers what they need and not lecturing their staff with dumb useless crap that makes no sense.

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