Have You Ever Been Banned/Blocked By An SJW?

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    Have you ever been banned or blocked by an SJW online? If yes, what is the dumbest reason you’ve been banned/blocked for??

    I just had the honor of being booted off of someone’s comment section for a very stupid reason, and it’s massively entertaining 😹😹😹 Well at least to me, so hope I don’t bore you with this tale:

    I really like anime, and since my brain currently looks like it’s been thru the apocalypse, I use MyAnimeList to keep track of how many episodes of anime I binge, it also has other cool features, like a cute rating system, and super fun forum games 👾

    One day, playing a forum game, I get into a little debate with another MAL user about Attack On Titan and Neon Genesis Evangelion, me being team AOT and him team NGE, all seems well as we have a nice respectful conversation via MAL comment section about our fav anime

    Curious, I check out this guys profile, and oh my, this dude’s an SJW 😂 I’m sorry, they are an SJW, it’s a non-binary SJW, no, I’m not an ist-a-phobe-bigot, I’ve had plenty of pleasant interactions with other MAL users with non-binary as their gender,and I respect them as they respect me, but there’s other signs of this MAL user being an SJW, they have a “do not interact with list” which states they will not interact with:

    • transphobic, racist, otherwise bigoted
    • if youre going to misgender me
    • some other random anime related stuff (ok whatever)
    • like killing stalking or berserk

    Huh? Why that last one??

    Because I am a professional shit stirrer, instead of doing the logical thing of ignoring this SJW, I decide to start a conversation on “why do you avoid people who like Killing Stalking and Berserk?”

    Look, Killing Stalking I can understand, I’ve seen reviews of it, it’s a creepy, degenerate, yaoi, and I’m 99% sure no sane person would actually “like” “enjoy” reading it, even I have certain anime/manga which creep me out to the point of making me want to avoid interacting with people who are fans of them, but why Berserk?

    I’ve never watched/read Berserk, nor do I know enough about it to give an opinion, but my G+G friend @FallenOmegaStar is a pretty big Berserk fan, and I don’t think he’s the type who enjoys degenerate “love” stories, so I ask the SJW “what’s so bad about Berserk that puts you off from interacting with Berserk fans?”

    The SJW responds: “It’s misogynist REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”, ok this SJW was surprisingly more eloquent than that, curious to study the SJW mind (and longing for more entertainment) I carefully phrase my next question so as to not piss the SJW off “oh, that’s an interesting take, what makes you think Berserk is misogynist?”

    The SJW’s next response: “Ehh, well, there’s like only one prominent female character, and she’s like very very badly written, and she’s like only there to be r*ped by the EVIL MEN, and after she’s been r*ped she like reverts back to behaving like when she was a child and is outshines by all the EVIL MEN REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”, I might’ve paraphrased that a little but you get the gist of it

    Anyway, I answer the SJW “Well, unfortunately what you (SJW) described is a realistic rendition of what can happen when traumatized, trauma can cause someone to revert back to a childlike state” I even give the benefit of the doubt “I haven’t watched Berserk so I don’t know if maybe the topic wasn’t dealt with in the best way, but none of what you described is misogynistic”

    Fast forward a couple of days and I come across this SJW again in the forum games, this time I spot a manga that’s very similar to an anime I watched as a kid in the SJW’s manga list, I jump back into their comment section to ask if they’ve read/watched any other similar manga/anime as I don’t remember the name of the one I watched as a kid… The comment doesn’t go thru… Huh, I’ll try again, after all I have shitty internet… Still nothing… … I try commenting on someone else’s profile, internet works fine


    And that is the story of how I got blocked for the very first time by an SJW

    , you know a lot more than me about Berserk, if you could give your imput on this I’d be very happy 🐱


    You’ve been radicalized by these forums.

    I couldn’t be prouder.


    Nope because I don’t much comment on YouTube vids. In fact never in YT comments 😅. I just can’t be bothered arguing with stupid people that’s all😂


    While not BLOCKED/BANNED, I was given an official WARNING for one of my posts when I complained that the direction to destroy D&D was because of SJWs…

    I got a warning for not be “inclusive”.

    Excuse ME!

    When the SJW’s wanted to eliminate the sexes and races in D&D for being…. sexist and racist, I called them out by telling them they are projecting their sexism and racism onto D&D…. and I am the one who got the WARNING for not being INCLUSIVE.



    i had one account permanently banned from twitter because I said I don’t like harley quinn new dc comic book, I was mass flagged by a mob and got immediately banned. Then i found out one of the writers is black and disabled, so we’re not allowed to trash talk her/their stuff.  :)


    but yeah, on twitter sjws block people all the time, you just need to have a different opinion… or just follow the “wrong people”. Block chains and stuff… they’re all r3tarded, imo.


    Kinda off topic here but I thought I’d post in this article about what Joan Collins says about social media and these SJW’s:


    Always respected this lady and my respect has gone up quite a bit even more now😎


    Oh, I’ve been more than just blocked and suspended in my time.


    Anyway, I’m not surprised at an SJW being triggered by Berserk: It’s not exactly something you’d show to children (most of these twits can’t get out of bed in the morning without taking anti-depressants, they’re not exactly the most emotionally-stable people). But putting it in the same category as, what I assume is probably hentai which features rape, is extremely erroneous. It’d be like calling an 18+ film pornography just because it has sex and rape in it (I did quick search on “Killing Stalking” and it sounds extremely fetishy: I knew a few tumblrina’s back in the day who would get off on that kinda thing. No, really, “guy on girl rape is wrong but guy on guy rape is hot” is a hill they’re prepared to die on).

    To keep spoilers to a minimum, Guts and Casca are betrayed by their best friend in the worst possible way and are the only survivors of cannibalistic ritual. Casca’s mind completely shatters as a result, and while Guts retains his sanity, it’s not as though he comes out completely unscarred, either. The thing about the scene where Casca is raped is that it’s basically earned: It’s not trashy or ham-fisted, it’s implicitly tied into the story’s development and was sufficiently built up in what led to it. There’s a lot of… complicated feelings between the three main characters going on, where one might almost empathize with the villain-protagonist if he hadn’t crossed the Moral Event Horizon from man to outright monster.

    It’s also worth mentioning that while she nearly gets raped at number of other points, she is either saved by Guts or fights off her attackers herself (even after being reduced to a childlike state, at one time; her fighting instincts just sort of kicked in). Miura never regarded her as some sort of plaything. While her role does seem like it diminishes after her mental regression, the reason she survived the Eclipse was because killing her off would’ve left Guts without any story arc to continue progressing as a character: She is his moral anchor and gives him a reason to be a better person, without her Guts might not have become a literal monster, but would’ve metaphorically abandoned his humanity and there’d be nothing left but a dark tempest of fury and revenge.

    So, yeah, Berserk justifies it’s horrific content through its great writing. It’s not a story of revenge, but a story of hope. Lumping it in with a yaoi as though it’s some sort of “edgy hentai” is the act of an uncultured swine.


    Also all this talk about Berserk reminds me of when Goblin Slayer first aired and SJW’s were so triggered by a rape scene you don’t even see on-screen and one of them even went full anti-semitic lmfao:



    Damn 🙀 I’m gonna assume you’re king winnie the pooh in that meme?

    Your synopsis of Berserk is very compelling, I’d already had planned to watch the anime eventually but you’ve definitely pushed it way higher in my watchlist, who knows, I might even pick up the manga after that, I can’t wait to piss off more uncultured swines 😂😂😂

    Yes I remember the drama surrounding Goblin Slayer, I was actually watching Demon Slayer at the time 😈

    I knew a few tumblrina’s back in the day who would get off on that kinda thing. No, really, “guy on girl rape is wrong but guy on guy rape is hot” is a hill they’re prepared to die on

    😳😳😳 Why… WHY??? Damn, I hope these tumblrinas you knew were online only, I don’t know how anyone could think like that, the mere thought of it makes me sick


    Also all this talk about Berserk reminds me of when Goblin Slayer first aired and SJW’s were so triggered by a rape scene you don’t even see on-screen and one of them even went full anti-semitic lmfao:

    Goblin Slayer is an F’n masterpiece on multiple levels. I can’t wait for Season 2.


    I love Goblin Slayer too… i feel like i’m playing a game, while watching it. It’s great.


    @DigiCat I’ve been using the Internet since 2004 and have been on many social media sites (not under this alias, of course. It’s just my most recent). I’ve come across all kinds of characters. While I’m generally a gentleman and try to avoid the usual Internet shit-slinging, I’m not against posting something controversial and stirring up a shitstorm if it means pissing off the right people.

    And yes, I admit to using tumblr a very long time ago, before it became the SJW-infested shithole that it’s now infamous for (main reason I left the site somewhere in the mid-2010s. Never looked back since). They obviously wouldn’t outright say “guy on guy rape is okay,” but often times their blogs would be full of calling out “rape culture,” women being raped in media is repulsive, how women are victims etc then next thing you know they’d be salivating over some yaoi rape doujin. Call them out on this and they’d twist themselves into a pretzel trying to justify it rather than just admit that they have a fetish. Insane women. There’s definitely some kind of bizarre psychology going on there…


    I’ve been blocked by them and I’ve been blocked cause they said I was an SJW too lol.


    Not really, I don’t really use social media, so I don’t really get blocked by Putty Patrollers.


    Not that I know of. I just assume when they stop talking they got triggered, butthurt and left.

    Now me I block people all the time. But its typically bots, or people who act like them. When someone only replies with a video, or quoting someone else or just not adding anything of an original thought. Im done with them and dont even give the two fucks time it takes to tell them stop acting like a brain dead troll.

    Also block Trolls and people who cannot be mature.

    Just no time in life for their shit. You want to be on Social media then be social and contribute in your own words and thoughts in a meaningful way. I dont mind spirited or heated as long as its in a good debate.

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