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    Based on the trailer alone, i’m actually plesantly surprised, it looks like a fun Marvel christmas special 🎄 It better be just that


    I have no problem with fans and what people watch. I never judge because we all grew up heavily on media. Vigilante was used in Arrow as well. “verisimilitude”

    Marvel’s ‘HAWKEYE’ Trailer Review | BALLS DEEP into the M-She-U!
    Nerdrotic Daily

    For me, Gary is a lot of fun to listen to. Agree about being built or yoked, but it depends. I took an archery class once and there was a moose of a lady there who was a great shot with her compound bow, but she looked almost like a shot putter. Big woman. Attractive, but huge. In sports, some of the athletes look like normal people, so you can never really tell by body type.

    Also, I thought that masculinity was covered well in first season of Arrow. At around the same time, Agents of SHIELD was going on, and Grant Ward was treated the same way as Oliver Queen in terms of their rite of passage to masculinity. In both shows, the men had to become survivalists in remote nature locations. They had to learn how to hunt and trap and defend themselves like animals. In nature, you kill what you eat and you have to do it yourself. Those two shows had real masculinity


    Show from ten years ago. I only liked season one and maybe, two. Woke crept in and killed it after that.


    Have not watched yet, but the first two episodes are out. The intro is really nice, showing shadows and colors of karate, archery, fencing, gymnastics and other athletics. It was trending on twitter this morning.


    I won’t be watching it, but I’ll also not hate / trash it… this is a show for a different demographic… it’s not for me (Sopranos fan type lol) … this is mainly for teenage girls… and disney shills lol so, yeah, whatever. xD


    So far it is the best of the any of the Marvel TV shows. I haven’t liked any of them so far, at all, but I can say I actually enjoyed the first two episodes a bit.

    Sure, we have another girl taking center stage, but it’s much better done than other have done. She isn’t a Mary Sue.


    Hawkeye: You 18?

    Kate: I’m 22

    Congratulations to Marvel for making Kate Bishop very relatable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ok, jokes aside, watched the first 2 episodes of Hawkeye, and so far i’m very plesantly surprised 👍 Like @DarthVengeant said, Kate is not a Mary Sue, the center stage part, i guess that’s true for episode 1 since they used it to introduce her character, but by episode 2 Hawkey and Kate have equal amount of screentime and an equally important role in trying to solve the Ronin mystery, Hawkey is really fartherly towards Kate looking out for her and trying to keep her safe, while Kate is very eager to help her fav superhero fight bad guys, it’s a very sweet and wholesome relationship and i hope Marvel keeps it that way thruout the series and beyond :3 And there’s a super-cute doggy 🐶💖 I wonder if doggy’s also gonna get a Hawkeye suit 🤩

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