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    Surprised that no-one has started talking about this yet after what’s been going on the last few weeks:

    Not a He-Man fan but the animation looked great as well as the voice cast but sadly, they threw in a bait and switch and I sympathise with the ticked off fans.


    Mexican Iron-Man has been on a rant on both MEAD (Midnight Edge After Dark) morning stream Friday, then again on Doomcock’s evening stream.

    Sadly, when we hear the term “reboot” attacked to anything now, it is to DISTROY it.

    Reboot Ghostbusters… trash.

    Reboot She-Man… trash.

    Race swapping, gender swapping, removal of red-heads, removal of strong male characters, removal of feminine females, making characters look “ugly”, showing no morals or principles, etc.

    The Teela and the mistress of the universe… yuck.

    But the idea of making a dark, gritty live action version (artwork for it was released quite some time ago, and they looked awesome!  Good look it up)

    paul gerrard masters of the universe


    Now THAT is Skeletor!



    I can’t help but feel it spiteful and on purpose these days. It’s like they get off on ruining shit people loved and giving longtime fans the finger. Most of the time this shit loses money but they keep doing it again and again.   I think studios burning though hundreds of millions of dollars for any kind of streaming content, has given them a safety net to keep churning shit regardless of quality. Hopefully when a few of these streaming services go under and the surviving services switch over to profits mode, the untalented hacks will be the first one’s to feel the pinch when the purse strings are tightened.


    @DocPhibes to answer your question:

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Adding $330M to Film and TV Industry

    As expected, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that offers Hollywood a generous boost.

    The new bill, which was proposed by lawmakers earlier in July and signed by Newsom on Wednesday at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, gives the film and television industry an additional $330 million in funding.

    Why worry about losing money, when you have the government to dump loads of money so you can mark more crap.

    The bill also requires productions that receive the soundstage credit to submit a diversity plan, with the aim of projects hiring a workforce that is reflective of California’s population.

    So, the bill requires HALF the workforce to be staffed by illegal aliens?  Just asking!




    Never watched He-Man as a kid (I don’t think it was on by the time I was growing up in the 90’s, not even reruns) but I was more into the “boy stuff” as a kid because I found it more entertaining than the “girly stuff” which just repeated itself over and over again with the same content; high school drama, boys, rivalry between girls, boys, relationship issues, boys. Don’t get me wrong; I like a strong female character as much as the next woman but not like this and boys need role models too as Jeremy pointed out in that vid. I’m a woman yet I’ve lost count as to how many male role models I had as a kid!


    I never liked Kevin Smith. He comes off like a total slacker who was just handed a career. He’s kind of a Weinstein guy in that he worked for that company. It makes you wonder if he’s into all that perverted stuff on behalf of Harvey Weinstein? Kevin Smith has access to the best actors and his movies were not very good. They never really clicked. One thing I do like is that they were low budget with dialogue, but they were not good movies. Kevin Smith was pals with Harvey Weinstein and Tarantino. Bad entertainment and bad movies. They never should have been successful. I never once liked Jay and Silent Bob. Kevin’s face looks stupid. They put out crap. Weinstein must have had some kind of borderline monopoly on distribution. What a bad era that was. It’s good that fans are turning on him because it’s clear that Kevin Smith has that Weinstein/Tarantino darkness in him where he seems to want to molest people and bother people instead of putting out higher calling messages. Kevin thumbs his nose at the audience and disrespects fans, so he deserves to flop. He reminds me of a protesting athlete who’s resentful of the opportunity handed to him.


      I grew up with He-Man and loved it. However, I am not surprised this happened. I keep telling folks that in around 2010 Hollywood decided to make nothing but propaganda and that only gets worse as time goes on.

      If you guys think Dune won’t be woke prepare to be shocked.




      I haven’t said anything here because I’m saying it all through videos, and I need to save my detailed thoughts for that.

      It was trash.

      Kevin Smith is  trash.

      Watching his god damned self cock sucking stream from last night was infuriating, so much so that when I watched it, the fucking thing ended up waking me up and I got so amped I couldn’t fall asleep for another 2 hours. There are 18 mins in it, which I’m going to cover today, where he and that fucking soy boy who voiced Orco are just insufferable bitches.

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      Jeremy was doing a vid of that interview (said he needed to split it into several vids).

      He was no happy at all with what they said, how they said it.


      The big revelation?   You got fucked over yet again!  Another treasure from the past being destroyed to their delight.  As they cannot create anything good, they have to ruin what is good.


      I think  butchering a  character into a feminist caricature is for all intents and purposes the same as killing them, so in my view both He Man and Teela are basically dead in the Netflixverse, one died physically and the other spiritually. it mildly annoys me when people call this “The Teela Show”, because  by calling that caricature Teela that is making the show sound better than it actually is.

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      Teela : Is now a mixture of toxic and feminine masculinity reeee-ing about how much more important her feelings were than mostly everything else. She’s also basically way worse than Amber from Invincible, because she couldn’t figure out the secret herself despite being so close to it. All that from being a very positive and capable character before.


      Evil-Lyn : Goes from being the absolute top Skeletor henchman strongly interested in learning from her boss, surpassing him and taking over his evil empire to… Someone who betrays people she almost befriended on a whim and immediately rejoins him like a good pet.


      Pro-Regressive writing, ruining the seeds of actually decent female characters since ~2016.


      I have not watched Ethan is a while. He looks a bit leaner, which is good. He talks about why doofus ugly guy Kevin Smith says pissing off fans doesn’t matter. Clearly, the media has been doing this since Weinstein and Tarantino got away with putting out filth and not getting called out on it. The media has been doing this for too long. This is why I do not have a TV. I also do not have a couch.


      it’s a disaster.

      This is modern Entertainment industry in a nutshell …

      They are allowed to lie, to rip-off, to call people stupid and get away with it because behind them they have the woke mob that don’t consume anything but they’ll support anything that it’s woke. No creativity needed, just race-swap, gender-swap and done, you’re awarded by the elite. Shitty product, don’t matter, if it’s woke, mainstream media will promote it as the best product ever. Bunch of idiots… those are the same people who can’t answer to a simple 2nd grade geography question, they’re dumb af.


      Kevin Smith, aka Shill-Ra, and ‘Orko’ host lie-stream while drunk on hubris
      Douglas Ernst
      Kevin Smith has officially turned into Shill-Ra. His latest stream with Netflix “Orko” was far more of a lie-stream than a live stream. He claims to not care what critics of “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” think, but he very much does care. He cares a lot.

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