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    Sup ppl. I love all games but…..I’ve always had a hard time transitioning to Mouse & Keyboard FPS shooters. Just quitting every time I tried. Simply couldn’t get immersed, calculate tactics, ect…like I could on controller.  I couldn’t put the hours in to get better at aiming mouse like this.

    So I found this, the FragFX FragChuck from SplitFish Gameware. Brughhhhhhh Immediately my brain operates like I’m on gamepad.

    I’m still grinding to get better at mouse FPS this year but man oh man this was a godsend.

    For mouse…I use the Steelseries Rival 500 to compensate for less buttons at hand. Its a heavy mouse which is what I prefer. The weight helps with feeling like I have something hefty like a controller on my right hand. I aim better with heavy mouse, that’s just me.

    Have your Mouse dpi at 400-500, and scale sensitivity to your crazy liking or low defaults IN-GAME. Not knowing this for months kept ruining my experience. For some people, high hardware dpi adds jitter to your visual experience. High sens- can still be achieved smoothly if that’s what you like, just change in-game & have DPI 400-500.

    Hope this helps console gamers trying to transition over. If not well excuse my trash post passing by LOL.



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    I have used both a controller and mouse and keyboard for my FPS games. I have recently started to play with mouse and keyboard again at times though when playing shooters. Games like Dishonored or Elder Scrolls I prefer controller. I don’t generally play online or competitively preferring the single player experience when it comes games though, so at the same time using a controller is not a big deal in my opinion. The mouse and keyboard is easy enough once you get the hang of it and being a big time MMO player, that is the one genre where you really need to know how to play with Keyboard and Mouse. I use a Logitech G600 mouse that has an additional 12 buttons on the side and this can easily be used to reprogram keybinds even in FPS games.


    NICE!  Good stuff bro!

    Yea for any other game that isn’t a Shooter. I still use mouse and keyboard since way back in the diablo & starcraft early days. I use gamepad for Monster Hunter.

    I’m still wondering what ill be using when NEW WORLD comes out! If I end up liking the game first tho.

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    Lost World, I don’t know, it looks like it’s not going to be a good game honestly. Of course, any RTS or Sim builder game is Mouse and Keyboard also. I use a PS4 controller as my controller for almost any other game that makes sense for a controller. Here is hoping that the damn next gen of Console controllers are better though, because apparently all of them have issues with damn stick drift. I had an Xbox One Controller for less than year before I started to experience horrible left stick drift. I am experiencing slight right stick on my PS4 controller.


    most games will work very well with a xbox controller since its microsoft.i use one for driving games or hack&slash etc but shooters i prefer kb and mouse.

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    I use my keyboard and mouse for allot of the none shooter games, and a xbox controller for everything else


    I started with Mouse & Keyboard and when dual stick controllers came out I had heaps of trouble with shooters, some games are designed for a controller and feel better but most games I can’t play on a controller are strategy and old style PC ported RPG’s.

    For me the only thing that helped me with a controller was more game time, I felt comfortable with the Xbox 360 controller but the PS3 was difficult for me but I eventually got there.

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    This topic is super fascinating to me.

    I never understood how anyone could play first person shooters with a controller, it just seems so radically unprecise compared to what you do with minimal movements with a mouse.

    So it is funny and somewhat horizon-broadening to see there are people having the problem pretty much exactly the other way around.

    About that SplitFish device – what IS that?
    A one-handed controller for your left hand while you use the mouse with your right hand?
    Interesting idea, probably not suitable for all games, but for some I could see it work well.


    Well, I can honestly say that in my case, it comes from being an MMO player and when I finally decide to take a break from whatever MMO I’m playing. I want to take a break from playing on keyboard and sit back and relax more in my chair and use a controller instead, that even includes FPS at times. I’m PCMR, and as far as I’m concerned that means the ability to have more options in how you decide to play your games. Since, I have played a little bit of Borderlands 2 since it was free recently and playing it via KB/M and I’ll be the first to admit that yeah it’s easier for accuracy when it comes to aiming, but not as relaxing perhaps at the same time. I think the major hang up for many is getting adjusted to using the keyboard for certain functions more than anything else, though all of that can be remapped.


    For a lot of the MMO type games, yeah… it’s keyboard and mouse.  Tho yeah, I’ve thought about getting one of those mice with the programmable side buttons like was mentioned.  It seems like it would really help to get the combos going in games like Tera.

    The only first person shooter I’ve used a controller with, has been Fallout 4.  And on PC, that’s just a royal she-dog.  My video card doesn’t have framerate capping, and the Logitech controller I have, the crosshairs just don’t have a fine enough movement speed.  I can way too easily move the crosshairs across the screen instead of getting on target.

    It’s forcing me to play the slow kill, line up a nice and slow steady sniper shot from really long range.  Or be forced into going full auto and spray and pray.  The former I enjoy.  But the latter, not.

    That and I have NO IDEA how to play this game on a keyboard.  Never done it.  Started playing it on a friend of mine’s PS4.

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