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      Ever since revealing their censorship policies a couple years ago, I’ve found myself, increasingly, disappointed with Sony. Recent events have pushed over the edge and I will not be getting a PS5.  I’m considering getting a PC but have no knowledge of the platform beyond “It’s cheaper to build it yourself.”.
      I would like a system that could last me 4 or 5 years without needing any major upgrades and have the system run games well. I’d. probably, be looking to spend around 1,000.
      Could any of you good folks give me suggestions or links to sources that could help me out.
      I would greatly appreciate you.

      #167179 is about to be your best friend.


        Thanks, man.


          Marc would probably be the best to help you to put together a really solid PC, but I can try to help you out too. Are you planning on playing with VR or ray tracing?

          Oh, and this site will be your best friend too


          If you don’t feel like building a PC, I would suggest NZXT Bld as a reliable site to get a premade PC done who won’t scam you like I have seen other premades being sold on Amazon. NZXT is a major parts manufacturer so they are trusted source, and only charge you a 100 dollar build fee.  If you don’t need to get one this instance. I would suggest possibly waiting towards the end of the year. There are supposed to be new graphics cards by both NVIDIA and AMD as well as new processors by AMD. I also suggest just reading up on the Tech as it were to know the components better. I also recommend certain youtuber who are tech people. Jayz2Cents, Bitwit, Paul’s Hardware, Hardware Canuck, Gamer’s Nexus, and Hardware Unboxed. These are all good youtubers who show you how to build computers, and Paul’s Hardware does usually a monthly build.

          Feel free to ask any questions. I just finished a 1000 dollar build.


          You can also check out the PCMR website that has various resources. They have a build guide with various budgets.


            I have PSVR and it’s awesome but I don’t think VR would be reasonable for a 1000 dollar build.  Ray tracing, if possible.  I’m not a big graphics guy but, at the same time, if I’m switching to the superior platform, it would be cool.  60 FPS/1080P would be what I’d want at a minimum, of course. Don’t care about 4K. Maybe my eyes are just fucked but I, honestly, cant see a difference in 1080P and 4K.


              I’ve been watching a couple of the youtubers. It’s just confusing and overwhelming. haha. I’m the kind of a person that would buy a 500 dollar Graphics Card and break the damn thing while I’m trying to install it.
              I know they’s new cards coming (which will lower the cost of current cards) and I was planning on waiting a while. I’ve read the prices of various components have inflated recently. I was gonna wait to see if that reverses after people have blown their “Trump Bucks”.



                I think this website will be a big help. Thank you.


                Yeah, I built my recent computer due to getting that Stimulus check, as many people seemed to have the same idea. So part shortages have taking place. It was annoying as I had parts in my cart to know the total of the build, and parts would keep going out stock, then come back into stock ect. The price of my build kept going up and down due to this as I swapped in replacements. So you have whatever stock most places had in place getting wiped out, and with the Covid-19 issue of course, restock of parts has been taking a little longer since parts are getting shipped in from overseas.

                As I said, check out the NZXT Bld site, there is nothing wrong with going prebuild if it seems like building one is a little too much. It’s not that difficult though, as it’t like putting together a lego set for the most part, though screws can be tricky from time to time. It would be pretty difficult to break any graphics card. They are build pretty strong and snap in rather easily. The advantages of building one is that you may save a little more, you get the knowledge of actually building one, you know every part that is in your piece since you bought them, and there is just the satisfaction at the end of building one yourself.

                My current PC is the second PC I have built.  As far as monitors go, the sweet spot many aim for with PC now is 1080p at 144hz allowing 144 FPS or 1440p at 144hz. This allows for even smoother gameplay and you can watch certain videos that show the difference this provides over 60 FPS. I bought a 1080p IPS monitor only a few years ago, so doing an upgrade really isn’t in the card for a monitor anytime soon right now for me at least.

              Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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