Help Rename The Washington Redskins

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      New Washington Redskins

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      The Pink Skins.

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      You forget, you have to change the name Washington too… right?


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      Lol, just change it to a red potato and call it a day redskins2

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      Well, it happened.


      Never was a skins guy, but I do know that skins fans were diehard, and they may have just alienated their truest fans by doing this.


      Woke kills another thing people loved for the praise of people who don’t care about it.

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        Could this be BurnNotice Part2?   The stupid thing is that they want to cancel washington too.  so it would have to be something like the N.Y. Giants VS the Swampy Swamp Dwellers or the Metropolitan Baby Eaters.

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      Washington Razorbacks


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        Their fans are called the hogs…so why not?

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      Washington Scalpers? I dig Razorbacks.

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      The Washington Knee Benders.

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      Considering soon even the name “Washington” will be targeted as being racists, I would say:

      Woke Football Club of the National Football League.

      Oh wait, they also hate anything “National”, so even that has to go.

      Woke Football Club of the Capitalist Football League.  WFC-CFL.


      But since that is too long, I would suggest…

      The BureaucratS … BS !

      I think it fits perfectly.

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