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    I would like to see some reviews of the adult high republic books. If its from an author who is on record making insults or racist statements like Older or Ireland I’m not interested, but it seems there books are little kiddy books anyway. That leaves Light of The Jedi, HR #1, and what ever Claudia Greys book is called. Granted I want to say the marketing of The High Republic has been absolutely atrocious and the social media outburst from the authors killed it before it even came out.


    Anna, That Star Wars Girl, has been making videos this week on this dumpster fire. She’s been doing readings and talking about chapters. She even did a video tonight on the Chinese only trash.

    Personally, I’m not wasting my brain cells on any of this shit. If I wanna read Star Wars, I’ll spin around in my chair and take a GOOD Star Wars book off the shelf.

    Long live the EU.


    I just finished the first book and it takes a while to get going but by the second third of the novel it gets really interesting and has a pretty solid ending. The strength of the novel is that nobody has plot armor because these are all new characters. Quite a few of the new characters are dead by the end of the first book. And a number of characters who are presented as being perfect end up being not so perfect by the end. I got the book for free I don’t know if I would’ve read it otherwise but it’s a solid start. Because they have so many new characters they’ve got a lot to work with.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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