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    I’ll wait till Hotblack Desiato comes back from his from him being dead for tax reasons, when ever that is. LOL


    When he stops selling and letting property?!

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    Read the first book in the series. I have the combined series sitting in a box somewhere. Really need to find it and finish it. Loved the first book. Books are almost always better than the movies because a movie can never convey every single aspect/word of the book. Best they can hope for is to convey the intent of the author, along with visuals that are as accurate to the story as humanly possible.


    That is a reason I like Film-Adaptions (or the original novels) the movies are based off of.

    Movies/tv series omit so much.


    Imagine LotR as a tv series.


    I thought one of the streaming services got the rights to a LotR series.

    It does not take place during the era of the fellowship, but one of the earlier ones.


    Thought I heard something about that awhile back and that it was cancelled before they could do anything with it. Honestly, I’m not terribly confident in Hollyweird’s ability to do it justice (Lower Decks, Watchmen?). A tv format just doesn’t seem right for Tolkien either.


    They saw how successful Game of Thrones was, and wanted to get in on the action.

    According to imdb:

    Lord of the Rings based TV-series, set during the 3,441-year period, known as the Age of Númenor, or the Second Age.

    It says two episodes have been filmed of the eight for the first season.

    No word on when the rest will be finished.







    Getting back on topic for THHGTOG:


    When it comes to listen to the audio version of the novels, which is better?


    The Audio Novel?


    The Radio adaption? (which most times also has sounds effects, etc.)


    For me, the radio series. I always find something I missed previously, ie a sound effect, a quip etc. I do enjoy Douglas reading his novels, but it makes me sad that he missed the how the internet developed (warts and all), as I think he would have flourished even more.


    I just don’t have any faith in it.


    Here are some Hitchhikers books which would make great additions to any fans collection. Firstly the DC graphic novel which covers the first novel and the Original Radio Scripts – both come highly recommended!


Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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