Hitman 3, Epic Store Exclusive.


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    I just found out the Hitman 3 coming out will be a timed exlusive to the Fucking Epic Store for the PC release.

    I refuse to install the Epic App and i fucking hate these timed exlusives, I’ve got most of my digital games on Steam & GOG and some stuff on Battle.net, Origin and i won’t intall another Store.

    I didn’t get The Outer Worlds on Epic and i was far more excited for that than Hitman, I wish Epic would fuck off with this shit.

    If IO Interactive is going for that Tim Sweeny milk than maybe this game could have issues, maybe it’s best i wait and see.


    Hitman 3 on EGS will also require players who own Hitman 1 and 2 to purchase an “Access Pass” following Hitman 3’s release in a 14 day period. Without this pass, regardless if you have data telling their servers that you do own 1 and 2 on steam, it will deny you access to the past maps.


    Everytime I hear about Epic Games Store Thier doing something to annoy me.


    Now IoI is going to fix it. Good thing but I still wouldn’t want to buy it through EGS.


    Being honest I have never played a Hitman game but I am 100% with you when it comes to having that shite (Epic launcher/China C.P. talk back suit) Installed on my PC. I just wait and buy elsewhere, I enjoyed Metro Exodus but I bought it on Xbox game store and then again on GOG. Tim Sweeney is either a complete liar or a complete fucking idiot if he doesn’t understand how more than a 30% ownership is controlling stake so he can vouch for whatever he wants, Tencent can get him to fuck tomorrow if then want, Idiot.


    i played all hitman games before this one, they’re good games, although the recent ones are more focused on online stuff unfortunately…

    I will wait for a price drop before buying this new one. No rush.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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