House of the Dragon Episode 7.

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    There is more done in the first 15 minutes of this episode than 6 hours of Rings of Power. The tension between the Blacks and Greens is clear without 1 word being said and done so with only a few looks. We as the audience were shown and not told. It could be a persons first episode of this series and they would clearly see there is tension and clear dislike between characters and even the use of colors of clothing tell who is being poised against whom.

    I really felt for The King, he just wants his family to be one happy or at least content family and Daemon was an absolute dick to him in the best possible way. You can tell he wants to truly be left alone and out of it, but at the same time has not forgiven him for past actions, even though justified. Daemon truly is tired of it all and wants nothing to do with Court. But even in his dick moment you can tell deep down he loves his brother but he just cannot have Viserys compassion, it is not who he is.

    The next two scenes are more set-up, though for some reason I found satisfaction in both. Lord Corlys talking with his wife about the Linage a how it was Names and not Blood people remember was so medieval in truth and tone I truly enjoyed it and the grand scale of the room they were in, it conveyed power in the scene.

    Rhaenyra and Daemon on the beach and them finally getting together was decent, it was a set-up scene but still well done and again the ability of the show to pull off large outdoor scenes giving us a true grand scale is impressive.

    But then we get on to the Dragon Stealing, and the aftermath, I just cannot spoil this for people it was to well done and actually believable. Paddy knocked it out of the park, if there was an Oscar a true Oscar from back when they were given for true Magnificent acting Paddy would get it for this scene. And as an Emmy is all they give now for this type of acting he better get one. Truly the best of his career and one of the best scenes I have seen in at least Ten years.


    The next two scenes are the aftermath and Otto and Alicent I just cannot get behind their characters, not in the writing or the lines, but the people playing them. They are trying to make Otto a Littlefinger with a touch of Tywin and which doesn’t work for me and Alicent I am finally convinced it is the two actress’s they found to play her that I just cannot find anything in her acting ability to make me believe her.

    Rhaenyra and Laenor were excellent together, believable and the lines were done well, to bad for what happens next but the entire ending scene was incredible, true Game of Thrones tv. Daemon and Rhaenyra being Targaryen’s FINALLY.

    This is a short review but so much happened and so little was needed in dialogue, ever last scene meant something and without the dialogue a deaf person could know what was happening and that it had Importance and weight. Gravity and Consequence was in every action.

    I will give this episode a 10. How can I not when there is an Oscar worthy performance in it. Nor will I detract for a few nit-picks as that as well would be unfair, when doing a review honesty is important. The episode drew me in from the start and never lost me. It entertained me and isn’t that what it should do beyond all else?

    I had to rewatch it this morning to write this, I watched it last night and went to bed satisfied and thinking about what I had just seen. Then now watch again to actually write the review. It was a 10 last night and on second watch I still give it that highest of praises. Even my criticisms of the “actors of Otto and Alicent” I will not detract from the lines spoken for. Paddy gave a performance of a lifetime, Daemon, Rhaenyra, Corlys and the Kids were all excellent.

    I have still not forgotten Seasons 5 – 8 of GOT and know this can go off the rail at any time, but to judge this show on it would be just as bad as those who defend bad shows. I will not do that. But I will tell people if even you are not a fan of GOT or HotD, this is a episode worth watching, as it could be a stand alone by itself.

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