How many NBA games should there be in total of a season per team??


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      82 games is way too long.  I know this will be unpopular but I think it should be 64 games.  This way each team plays all other 31 teams once at home and once away.  The regular season will matter significantly more.  Divisions already don’t matter.  Maybe start Christmas day and go until about May or June.  If you have other ideas lets hear them.

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      I’m okay with the “current” number. If the players are tired, let them rest, plenty of talented players in the bench/d-league that need minutes, it’s the coach job to make rotations. I’m European and in Europe, soccer teams do a lot of formation rotation, so players can rest for Champions League games, etc. But I see in US Sports, star players must play always, otherwise the coach/owner/players would be trashed forever lol It’s really weird imo. But of course, I respect the players that are always up to play… unless they really need rest. Anyway, different cultures. :D

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      70 games would be perfect. Because you still get the regural season at its finest with major games and storylines on national television, while also reducing the normal 82 game regural season ending in April, potentially ending early March. 12 games might not seem that many, but it surely is less of a danger to get injured too.

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        I could see that as well. Gonna have to choose which teams you’re gonna play more than twice. Or I guess this is where division games come in.

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      62-72 games is a good number in my opinion. The only reason this hasn’t happened is due to money. Something needs to happen to make each game mean more. I wasn’t following the league for awhile and was focusing on college basketball. When I tried to watch an NBA game I was appalled by the defense. Granted it was the Timberwolves lol, but the amount of easy baskets given up was crazy. I like high scoring as much as anyone, but when several baskets are not even challenged it feels more like an exhibition. Reducing games may not help that, but I find it hard to believe the current length of the season does not play a factor in players trying to pace themselves reducing their overall effort from game to game. 80s-90s NBA so much different than the last 20 years so it has something to do with today’s game and players in general. It could just be mindset more than the amount of games. With so much money going around, hard to stay motivated when many first contracts set someone up for life.

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      O games.  The league should fold and move to China.  They no longer represent America.

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