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    The sad thing is is that they’re catering to people who don’t care for any of this stuff. Twatter is full of fake fans who claim to be fans but aren’t really fans at all. Yes there’s probably a tiny minority of real fans that might want this and fair enough but that’s just it; it’s a tiny minority!



    Good writers just keep leaving. One of these days, GandG might consider poaching good writers and doing their own comics. Once characters emerge, the writers hopefully will be out there. This guy and Hickman and others leaving. Need to keep lists of top writers. Maybe hire them one day. It’s a very bad sign when you hear that Disney does not pay writers. When you hear top companies treating talent bad, that is a sign. Wokeism kills industry. Asia keeps ascending while the west declines. It’s tough out there.

    SMARTEST MAN IN THE ROOM- Nick Spencer Leaving Marvel For SubStack Is Just One Of Many Smart Choices
    Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack


    Not sure where to put these videos. Just various news about comic writers. Twitter has banned and censored the quality people. With a few exceptions, most of Twitter is TDS deranged activists. Normal people are not on that site anymore. You guys who are still on there have thick-skin and I envy you for it.

    BEGONE, SJWS…YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE- Another A-List Comic Book Writer Leaves Twitter FOREVER

    Jonathan Hickman: Original X-Men Plans, Inferno Info & Future


    Jonathan Hickman’s (X-Men: Inferno) SECRET WARS Is Marvel & DC Comics Best Event (Game Of Thrones)

    Keeps It Real Comics

    Jonanthan Hickman’s Secret Wars will go down as the best Event ever from Marvel and DC Comics.

    There’s only one comic that comes close it.

    This video just explains the premise.


    So, this guy was cancelled. A perfect artist to poach if you want to make a comic. There was another one named Ardian Syaf. It might be a good idea for an indie comic creator to intentionally build an all-star team of artists and writers who were cancelled for one reason or another and crowdfund your own projects.

    Joe Bennett
    Ardian Syaf
    Who else?


      I was into comics in the 80’s and early 90’s. I have around 1500, but the vast majority of them are old. When I was young it was GI Joe. Then Spider-Man. When I got even older Image comics came out and I got pretty much everything they did for a few years. I did get Faust or rather anything Tim Vigil did. I kind of tapered off around 1995. I did keep up with some Star Wars comics, I have pretty much all the Legacy series with Darth Talon. Later on I did get into Bloodrayne (I have all of them). I have some Harley Quinn, etc. But, I really do not buy comics anymore. Comics cost too much now. Not paying 4-5 bucks for a comic. Period. The only time I buy a comic now is if it is something special or has fantastic art, so just a few a year. I occasionally do a Kickstarter however, because you know it will be good and not having SJW hogwash in it.

      Until these companies end their obsession with identity politics and pandering, just forget comics. They wont give up until they are forced to, and right now no one is forcing them too. The Get Woke go Broke trop is true, but they go broke and just keep going.

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      This is Webtoons, a Korean site. There are a few titles that I like that I included. Best way to save comics is just to have multiple easy ways to pay them. There are the stories that I prefer right now:
      Welcome to the future – where our world has become an exercise in contradictions. We are more connected than ever but alone. Healthier than ever but sick. Safer than ever but ultimately vulnerable. Seed is a story for these future times. Where the relationship between a girl and an AI system that begins simply, quickly complicates things for the entire world.
      Welcome to a world where artificial intelligence can drive your car, look after you when you’re ill, and solve all of your problems. But all of this convenience comes at a price. AI can pose a threat when it no longer has humanity’s best interests at heart. Can humans learn to coexist with AI?

      Dragons are coming. The city will burn. Meanwhile, Astor discovers a mysterious object that will open the door bound to shift his life and that of those who live in Arofa, the flying continent.

      So, it is not Japanese,so not Anime or Manga, but I love some of these stories.


      You should try Indiegogo.
      kickstarter is run by sjws, they ban and block people that have different opinions than them.

      We can find awesome indie comics on indiegogo. Just a few examples:

      Bonds The Drive:
      Wraith of God:
      The Saints:
      Inglorious Rex:
      The Lucent:
      Knife-Hand Blindspot:

      There are many more. Created by awesome, talented, diverse creators, with freedom.

      If creators are in chains controlled by a big corp telling them to create garbage content with an agenda, we know for sure the result is bad. We’re witnessing that happening with modern DC and Marvel.

      Of course, there’s also manga that never disappoints. But the problem with manga is that we cannot trust manga translated by mainstream western companies. They often change a lot of stuff to censor and fit a whole different narrative.



      Arktoons has grown substantially, with nearly 2 million views since launch, and is regularly setting new records for users and visits per day. We have a bunch of exciting new projects in the works. However, we could use more help taking these ideas from the drawing board to reality.

      So, if you have Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, and you can commit six or more hours a week to fight with us in the front lines of the culture war, then please contact ArkhavenComics-AT-outlook-DOT-com.


      Legendary Batman writer agrees with me on Tim Drake


      would be great content. With artists and writers getting cancelled, someone like Rippa could pick his own All-star team and produce comics.


      Blacklisted Marvel Artist Joe Bennett Joins Arkhaven Comics!
      Jon Del Arroz

      Big news. You have talent? Get cancelled by SJWs? Hired by ArkHaven! Hell yeah! This is how you do it.
      Smart company.


      Former Marvel Comics illustrator Joe Bennett has joined Arkhaven Comics and announced that he is illustrating two new projects for Arkhaven: WITCHSTALKER: DEATH BIRDS OF THE AMAZON and RED HORNET. #comics #marvel

      After Being Blacklisted By Marvel Comics, Joe Bennett Joins Arkhaven Comics

      a press release, Arkhaven Comics notes they “did not hesitate to take advantage of Bennett’s unexpected availability, and promptly signed the former DC and Marvel illustrator as its lead artist on two series being written by legendary comics writer Chuck Dixon.”

      Not only was Bennett the artist for Immortal Hulk, but his resume also includes Savage Hawkman, Deathstroke, and Arrow Season 2.5 among others at DC Comics.

      Aside from Immortal Hulk at Marvel Comics, he’s also had runs on Iron Man, Captain America, The Amazing Spider-Man, Elektra, and more.

      Dixon, who has also been subject to a Marvel Comics blacklist since 2002, welcomed Bennett to Arkhaven Comics stating, “It’s a sign of where the American comic industry is at the moment that they would let a powerhouse talent like Joe Bennett go because his personal politics are not in line with their own.”

      “I’m looking forward to working with Joe on both of the projects we have in motion at Arkhaven,” he added.




      LMAO MARVEL SCREWED!! Ditko Estate SUES for DR STRANGE and SPIDER-MAN rights!

      ComicArtistPro Secrets

      Ethan in TOP FORM here. Voice crackling.


      Steve Ditko’s Estate Sues Disney/Marvel Over Spider-Man + Dr. Strange! Disney Then Sues EVERYONE!
      The Renaissance Nerd
      I’m no lawyer, but if Disney is suing everyone to retain rights to Marvel heroes, there has to be something they are worried about.

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