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    Marvel Is Suing To Avoid Losing Rights To Spider-Man, Iron Man And Others
    John Campea
    Heirs of five Marvel authors filed dozens of termination notices with the U.S. Copyright Office where if successful would require the studio to make payments to them. On Friday Marvel filed lawsuits seeking to block comic book creators and their heirs from reclaiming some major character’s copyrights.


    disney is like an evil corporation and this is just another example showing how they really are. they want full power and will do everything to get it.


    More cringe news:

    In other ‘toon-related news, the once-mighty DC Comics is now reduced to putting its comics on Webtoons like any other sad, lonely, and sexually-confused SJW who considers xirself an artist.

    “DC is excited to introduce our iconic characters to a new generation of fans worldwide,” said DC General Manager, Daniel Cherry III. “We’ve been working closely with the Webtoon writers and artists to adapt our characters and stories to Webtoon’s mobile format. Our shared goal is to create fun and compelling DC stories that all readers will enjoy. This partnership is yet another example of DC’s ambition to ‘meet fans where ever they are’ and continue sharing DC fandom.”

    The flagship series for DC on Webtoons is BATMAN: WAYNE FAMILY ADVENTURES, which is described as follows:

    Batman needs a break. But with new vigilante Duke Thomas moving into Wayne Manor and an endless supply of adopted, fostered, and biological superhero children to manage, Bruce Wayne is going to have his hands full. Being a father can’t be harder than being Batman, right?

    It’s pretty intense. The second episode, for example, is a compelling, character-rich drama that concerns which of these multiracial superhero children adopted by a rich, eccentric, rage-filled man gets the last cookie, when all the cakes and cupcakes simply won’t do. This is, apparently, what passes for “fun and compelling”.


    Oh man, this is gonna be great.
    One thing I like about the Geeks, is that they love the OGs. The Geeks love the golden age, the silver age, the veterans, the elders, etc.

    Long Live Rippa.


    Not sure if I should post this here or in a new thread covering the lawsuits. Clearly, the way to keep comics in business is to keep the creators in business. Look at how Chuck Dixon was treated. Fans like Marvel and I used to love Marvel, but the turnover seems to be high.

    All creators are treated this way. I remember a guy who had like a half a dozen patents, but he worked for a corporation. They made all the money and paid him a low 5-figure salary and that never changed. He went on to succeed in direct marketing and got fired for being too successful. It just makes you wonder.

    ComicArtistPro Secrets


    Arkhaven works as a team. Chuck Dixon. Joe Bennett. Eric July. I just wonder if Chuck is vetting any further writers because he keeps coming up gold with Arkhaven. If any artist or writer has talent and experience, why wouldn’t they go to Arkhaven or to Eric July? I admire people that don’t even wait one day. Marvel or DC fires a person and they get poached by Arkhaven immediately. Makes my respect go way up for that company. That teamwork. This is something that GeeksandGamers or Nerdrotic could do for vilified creators. I hope they benchmark Arkhaven. I know that there is a new video game coming out soon from Jeremy. That is what I like to see.

    SJWs Going CRAZY over Joe Bennett Joining Arkaven Comics!
    Jon Del Arroz


    DC Comics Screws Over Creators! Does Not Pay Royalties?!

    Talking & Drawing with Shane Davis

    Fabled Batman writer Chuck Dixon recently revealed that DC Comics had not paid creators any royalties on international book sales for over a decade. With the massive success of superhero movies since, how many thousands of dollars have been stolen from each creator from these missing royalty payments? And how does the company keep getting away with this?

    Batman Scribe Chuck Dixon Reveals DC Comics Stopped Paying Their Freelancers International Royalties Years Ago

    a recent Facebook post, Dixon divulged that DC has not paid international royalties for the overseas reprints of their work in other languages since at least 2009, which was well over a decade ago and before the launch of The New 52.

    “Seriously, DC Comics stopped paying freelancers any international royalties in 2009,” Dixon shockingly revealed, adding he and others never received any notice and the DC office acted like it was no big deal. “They never sent out any of their patented ‘friendly’ letters to inform us. They just stopped paying and hoped no one would notice.”

    What’s worse than the dishonesty and callous inattention DC showed, Dixon continued, is that the withholding of royalties really hits writers, artists, and industry pros with a lot of noteworthy titles to their name in their wallets, especially when the foreign publishing market continues an upward trajectory.

    “Given the fact that foreign publishing (particularly in Europe) is more robust than ever, writers, artists and others are being cheated out of thousands of dollars annually,” he said.


    Reject Modernity. Embrace Pulp Heroism.
    The Rageaholic

    Not all heroes wear capes.
    Some wear a slouch hat and a brace of barking automatics.
    If you’re tired of deconstructionist tripe in your hero fiction – or don’t want your children to be exposed to same? The way forward may be back.

    Check RazörFist on Twitter:


    Kicked Out of a Comic Shop For Not Wearing A Mask…. Except The Owner Wasn’t Wearing One


    And there you have it. I’m sure the owners are under pressure and nervous, but the attitude of authoritarians crosses lines and boundaries.
    This is a situation we see in Hollwyood and Politics. They do not adhere to rules and laws and want to punish the public. They want you beneath them. It’s a status thing. This is just a major problem. It’s why I won’t see the latest Bond. I don’t want the replacement message anymore. Give me the replenish message.

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