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    ok i admit i watched the first seaosn of the CW show batwoman because i honestly hoped it would not be as bad as the trailer made it out to be, i was wrong kinda there def was cringe moments, things i did not like, but i thought it was not dead yet i thought with some tweaking some adjustments it could work, i thought ruby rose could pss off as kate kane, i thought her supporting characters were ok if annoying at first, i hated and still hate the alice character. overall i thought it could be saved, then season two came, i couldnt even finish the first episode it was just so dumb i did not like any of it, they really screwed up here. i am a optimist though so i have come up with a list of things this show could do to save itself, doubt they will be still one must have hope in a hopeless world i guess, but a word of warning i may say things many wont like so sorry now for those who dont need a safe space here we go

    • STOP WITH THE AGENDAS ALREADY, one of the top reason why this show fails is because the main character whole world seems like it revovles around her being a woman and a lesbian. this is not true and shouldnt be. give us characters with depth, who have to make tough choices, who are not just there for being this or that. and keep you agenda out and just give us good story telling.


    • REALLY EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED TO KATE KANE AND BRUCE WAYNE.  the whole plane crash thing was a stupid way to write off kate kane. i get it that ruby rose departure may have put them in a bad spot but they could have come up with something better than that. Really explain what happened to her without recasting, and include bruce wayne in that. there is no way batman-bruce wayne would leave or abandon gotham for five years without a damn good reason, or if he was dead. the simpliest answer to this would be for bruce to be investigating what is left of the league of shadows or something to do with the court of owls, he needed kates help and either she was assassinated or she faked her death to help him.


    • BRING BACK AN OLD FAVORITE, i know this will rub people the wrong way but ryan wilder needs to go. she has not ben a good batwoman. who should replace her maybe a redhead. if they did do this they should do it low key. i would say end this season with a tease like this, ryan crosses some line and begins to question why she does what she does, meanwhile crows have checkpoints up for some big event or something and they ask a woman for her ID they respond Barbara Gordon, they ask her if she was related to the old commissioner and she responds yes and they begin talking and it pans to her backpack which shows inside the backpack a tablet with a batwoman symbol on it. then next season was show her begin to take over for ryan wilder as batwoman or working with her as oracle. they could even set it up where barbara just broke up with dick greyson in bloodhaven when bruce or kate asked for her help in gotham, and they could even link it back to bruce wayne/kate kane disappearance from above.


    • WHERE IS THE ROGUES, where is all of bat family rogues. i doubt the crows cleaned all of them out. where is poison ivy, calendar man, joker, harley quinn, roxy rocket, black mask, penguin, mr freeze, firefly. what did they all just retire, did joker suddenly become an insurance agent (i saw an episode of the animated series where joker did that actually) did the penguin go legit, bring on some of the rogues we all know and love. the bat family have so many and really all we have gotten is alice, professor pyg and that is about it. where is victor zazz. there are so many to chose from.


    • WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BAT FAMILY, this aint really explained and i think it should be, what happened to nightwing, batgirl, robin, red hood and some of the others. give them real reasons why they left and why the crows had to be brought in to protect the city.


    • DO MORE LINKS WITH THE OTHER CW SHOWS, work with some of the other shows not for big crossovers but little ones like maybe have Kaitlin drop into gotham to help out the batwoman team on something, or maybe have lois lane in gotham investigating a story then next week, have Luke fox show up at star labs or Sophie show up in smallville or even have one week Black lightning in gotham investigating a meta human trafficking ring and the next week have batwoman show up in freeland to help him out on the same case

    these are just a few of my ideas for how this show which is probably already dead could be saved, let me know what you all think.

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