How to solve the homeless crisis in the USA

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      I watched Tim Pool and a sane Democrat candidate for Governor in California speak to the overwhelming homeless crisis in several major cities.  Almost all (if not all) are uniparty run cities.  They talked for probably at least several minutes as to how government can solve the issue.

      It actually made me insane.  Why?

      Those governments along with the federal government created those situations with decades of bad policy.  Why in the hell would you expect them to either want to or be able to fix them?  That expectation is absolute nonsense.  And to take that 1 step farther if you think only the government can solve that then that too is absolute nonsense.

      This is true of almost every modern day crisis the government and society struggles with.  They were almost all government created. Expecting them to do anything more than make them worse is a fools game.

      I know many many people voted for Biden in 2020 because his name was not Trump.  If you did,  you are not seeing the forest for the trees.  Why?  Because you voted for a dude who was in government for 50 years creating the very problems you voted for him to solve.  There was zero chance of that having any success. So, here we are all together (regardless of who you voted for) trying to afford food, gas, utilities all the while worrying if WW3 starts.  Are all those things Biden’s fault directly?  No, but if you think after 50 years he was not a large contributor then I am not sure what else to tell you.


      With all the misinformation being spread by mainstream media, I’m surprised anyone can find their buttholes. Up is down and black is white with the mainstream media poisoning them with their agenda.

      What we need to do is hold them accountable like Kari Lake and Trump are doing. Even DeSantis is keeping Florida safe (not presidential material though). What we need is firmer pushback.

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      I watched a vid on YT where it was not just being suggested that the government (and its policies) deliberately made the homeless crisis all the more worse, they are also doing so with crime (ie: shoplifters, petty crime, flash mobs looting stores, etc.)

      They are making their cities and states so unsafe, employees feel unsafe to return to the office or go to the store or park.  Stores are either closing, or locking everything up behind lock and key.

      And the government is hoping it gets so bad people will DEMAND action, even actions they removes freedoms for safety.

      TSA level security to enter a mall or store or sports events.

      Every person must provide government issued ID upon entering and exiting.  Be it as a driver’s license or an ID chip (like some pet owners do for their pets).

      Your every move with be monitored.  (Location, spending, social interactions, etc).

      A social credit score will be attached to your ID.

      Only people with “correct think” will be allowed anywhere, to shop, to work, for entertainment, etc.

      This is the “solution” the commies in government want to implement.

      All the undesirables will be transferred into gulags for your/their “protection”, where they will be “re-educated” via slave labour and blackmail and brainwashing to where they “might” be allow back out under strict restrictions/conditions.

      This is what the elite/globalists/oligarchs wants to happen, IMO.


        “And the government is hoping it gets so bad people will DEMAND action, even actions they removes freedoms for safety.”

        This is why.  Because the response of the government will be yes!, we can solve that just let us have all your freedoms and money for just a little while and we can make it all better.

        It infuriates me to no end that people call for the government to solve the issues it created, often time intentionally.  Now, I am not an ancap.  Government has it’s place.  On the Federal level it’s literally just a handful of things.  The local/state level is where any management of local needs should be taken care of so that the help that is needed is customized to that state/area.  This one size fits all garbage coming from the top down is why everyone is pissed at each other to a large degree.

        Kari Lake and Trump have said many correct things but little action has occurred. Trump had 4 years and while a little progress was made it was mostly for naught.  Yes they were fighting against him but the overall effect is the overall effect.   What we do owe Trump thanks for is forcing the hand of the establishment and showing everyone what they are doing and that you can fight them.  Trump is far more valuable as a movement leader than a president in my opinion.  I prefer Vivek but would be happy with a Trump/Vivek ticket.


        Yup! Stay the F— away from the homeless states

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