How would you jump-start Star Wars?

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    Star Wars isn’t at a complete stand still. The success of The Mandalorian has given some needed life to it, and the ending of The Clone Wars was good, too.

    Still, outside of The Mandalorian, everything else seems to be sputtering. The High Republic, for example, was a bomb from the start.

    What are ways you think the Star Wars story could be made better as it continues? Or what aspects of the Star Wars universe would you like to see focused on more?

    I’d like to see a way of getting away from the normal SW types of characters: Jedi and Sith, bounty hunters and gangsters, Rebels and Imperials. With such a big story universe, are there not other things of interest going on? Saying that, I’ll admit it’s not easy coming up with any ideas, or at least ones that aren’t themselves stereotypes with an SW twist.

    For example, a cop on Coruscant whose investigations keep getting him further and further into some deeply hidden dark side stuff, and he’s starting to get the unwanted attention of some people with powers he can’t understand.

    Well, that’s one idea, and not a very original one. Anyone have others?


    I would try to reboot it, make New Hope again or turn it into a series where we slowly tell the story of the original trilogy through ten seasons, one hour per episode, as many seasons as possible to slowly tell the story and let it breath.


    A Darth Vader show, make it rated R.


    First thing is hire Drew Karpyshyn period. Him and Timothy Zahn get to select further writers. Bounty Hunters, Vader and Thrawn get some focus. My question back to you is, is the clone thing working? I am not into it with Star Wars much. Also, Holocron stories. I like the notion of the Holocron and always wanted a story kind of like Blade Runner, but with a Force sensitive that does not know that he has talent and activates a nearby Holocron that gives him a friend or a mentor that he does not know is not a real person. So, as the friend/mentor gives the Force sensitive advice, they grow in character and success in conflict. The Force Sensitve keeps telling the Holocron friend that his planet needs the help of a jedi because his people are barely hanging on, but surviving. In the end, he becomes the Jedi he’s been looking for, just because someone left a holocron on his planet and he opened it unawares.



    Fire everyone at Lucas and Disney studios. I mean everyone, to ensure that the toxic is gone. Then actually go out at find people that love, understand and appreciate Star wars… Next shitcan everything from the day lucas sold it, Offer free park admission with the return of anything 7 8 9 related and burn it all. Exception is Rogue which was good. Then Apologize to the fans and Gina specifically.

    Maybe then balance can start to be restored.


    Believe it or not, Disney is probably being ordered to make woke garbage entertainment movies, shows, etc. In other words, is Disney owned by larger parent companies? I don’t know the answer to that question. If Disney has stock market shares, then who owns how much of those shares? Does Disney get grants and money and loans and support and donations and blood money and different things from governments, corporations, organizations, groups, etc? I would suspect that if you want to fix Disney, you have to follow the money, find out who is pulling strings, find out what their agendas are, and then try to cut those strings. Disney and other companies in Hollywood and everything else is and are most likely most of the time puppets of other groups who are the puppet masters behind the scenes. Perhaps I should research some of this. But I love Star Wars. I like the idea of clones. The newest cartoon show, Bad Bash, is interesting to watch. But of course Star Wars would do better in independent studios and such. Disney is way too tied up in special interests and everything meaning even if you fired most or all of the people at Disney and at Lucas, the companies themselves may still be tied into some pretty evil contracts governing what they can and cannot do. Disney is more the symptom and we should be hunting down the source of the problem.

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    Remove the sequel trilogy from the Skywalker Saga and Star Wars history in general. I’d accept ‘Rogue One’ which was one of the few Disney SW projects I’d actually watch. Re-do the ST but with BETTER storytelling and maybe make it like the EU? I’ve not read much of the EU so I know very little about that side of SW other than the ones I’ve read so far (shame on me I know but I can have only so many books in my cupboards 😳😂). Keep ‘Jedi: Fallen Order’ as that’s a very good game from how much I’ve played on it so far. Also, keep ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘Clone Wars’ (even though I’ve not seen those yet but I’ve heard mainly positive things about them).

    Basically, get rid of anything that involves identity politics and Ms Kennedy and her lot!

    Also, yes I too would love to see a Darth Vader film with him hunting down the Jedi and make it a 15 but we all know that Disney wouldn’t do it for obvious reasons🙄

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    The EU was mostly good, but it also had its problems. Perhaps the biggest was that they couldn’t escape the big three characters of Luke, Han, and Leia, so a lot of new and potentially good characters were kept in the background, or were just gotten rid of. This started becoming a big problem about mid-way through the Vong invasion story. Up to then, it looked like they were preparing Han and Leia’s kids to take the stage, but then things went strange for them and continued until the EU stories were stopped.

    When Star Trek restarted with The Next Generation, they did something that looks smarter and smarter the more I think about it–they jumped into the future, and didn’t try to fit the old characters, Kirk and Spock and McCoy and others, into this new story, except as maybe like guests for one episode. That broke the new characters free of the old ones, and mostly allowed the new series to stand on its own. That looks to be very important, especially when old characters are still much-loved by the fans, because the fans may insist on those old characters being kept around, even when they start to weight down the story and smother new characters.


    Everything after the sale to Disney…DUMPSTER!

    Sorry, but none of it has the true heart of Star Wars. All garbage. Every movie…garbage. Mando, boring, uninspired garbage. Clone Wars was fine ending where it did before the sale to Disney. Every single book released, garbage. Every comic, garbage.


    The EU was mostly good, but it also had its problems. Perhaps the biggest was that they couldn’t escape the big three characters of Luke, Han, and Leia, so a lot of new and potentially good characters were kept in the background, or were just gotten rid of. This started becoming a big problem about mid-way through the Vong invasion story. Up to then, it looked like they were preparing Han and Leia’s kids to take the stage, but then things went strange for them and continued until the EU stories were stopped.


    I completely disagree with this statement….fervently. No, the EU isn’t perfect, and in the coming months I will document where it falls down, but to say it couldn’t escape the big three? What are you talking about? Pre-Vong War uses them as the necessary anchors to expand the roster and set the stage for everything through and past the Vong War. There were entire books in the Vong War that never focused on the Holy Trinity, and the Vong War served the purpose of its instigation to forever destroy the protective bubble around heroes.

    That is one of the reasons the Vong War was so good and gritty, because there were stakes and consequences that extended beyond the Vong War…hello Legacy of the Force arc and Jacen Solo. I dunno what you read, but the entire Legacy of the Force arc was about the Solo Twins…they DID take the stage and gave us a sorrowful and compelling arc whose origins go all the way back to the Early New Republic Arc, continuing the trend of consequences and death for heroes…that no one is safe. The Fate of the Jedi gave us more and more characters than the Holy Trinity to focus on.

    I don’t know what you can call strange about any of that. It was planned out and followed through on its premises of expanding the Star Wars Universe, which was heartlessly destroyed when Disney took control, completely stopping short real Star Wars stories to tell crap like the Disney Sequel Trilogy, the Mandalorian, and the High Republic.




    I’ll agree, the Vong series and what came after did try to focus on other characters, but I still think they stifled new characters because they still had to keep coming back to Luke, Han, and Leia. So, Anakin Solo had to be killed. Jacen looked promising, but then he went Sith and was killed.

    There was the character of Kyp Durron. When he was introduced in the Jedi Academy series, it was like he was going to be Luke’s star pupil and problem child. He even had his fall to the dark side and redemption in that series. And while it wasn’t as if he was forgotten in the later books, he also was rarely a major player.

    This is what I mean: it’s not that characters were introduced and then forgotten, but that they were introduced and underused, staying in a kind of stasis as years went by in the story universe. The Solo kids are born, grow up, appear to be ready to step in as the older characters step aside, but then they aren’t allowed to do so.  To put it another way, the stories kept sacrificing the new generation to keep the old generation around.

    That is my opinion, for what it’s worth. I read many, maybe even almost all, of the books, but that was a long time ago, so I’ll not say I have perfect memories of all events. Still, that was an impression I got, even as I was reading many of the later books, and especially when they started getting rid of the Solo kids.



    Fair enough, but you are really generalizing with some of what you are talking about…like it was nothing that Jacen goes Sith. To take that so lightly, to generalize it like as “he went Sith and was killed”, dude…there is so much complexity and depth of character building that went into Jacen’s fall to the Dark Side. Everything that goes into his becoming a Sith Lord was massively complex and by no means lightly done, and that includes Anakin’s noble death, because it was in that moment that Jacen began his fall, and had Anakin survived it can be argued that Jacen would never have fallen, but that’s a discussion for after reading Star By Star again.

    And I still disagree that no one was allowed to step up. Before his fall, Jacen was the hero who alongside Luke ended the Vong War. That final battle scene in The Unifying Force is epic. Jaina is the star/heroine in the Legacy of the Force arc and was set to have her own Trilogy The Sword of the Jedi before Disney shit all over everything. Not to mention we had the Legacy Era being novelized to look forward to with the return of the Sith Empire and the adventures of Cade Skywalker.

    Kyp, well, I will get into my issues with how Kyp was used as the series goes on and roads not taken as I plow through the EU in my re-read. You are not entirely wrong in his miss use, but to say that other characters suffered the same fate, again, I disagree with your generalization and suggest perhaps you revisit the stories.

    As I said, I can understand your perspective a little more, now, but you are really generalizing your points and using a big brush to paint in the ideas.

    None of what you are describing is as simple as you are suggesting it is from your point of view.


    If you really want to get in to fixing Star War, using the EU, what should IMO be done is this.

    First have any of the authors still alive sit down and go through the EU and flush them out to a coherent story, that properly flows. There is some stuff that would be removed and clearly some new added to make that happen.

    EU is not perfect, but with some flushing out it could easily be made both in to Great stories in the form of Mini-series and Movies. Thrawn would be a movie, Jedi training a Mini-series. Mandalorian was very good, but it needs to be shelved until they can figure out how to fit it in to the rest of the EU and make since. Same with Book-of Woka —- it will trust me.

    But with all our wants and ideas we just need to face the truth, until the story-crew and KK herself is removed, along with the culture we are currently in, plus actually hiring people who know Star Wars (TRUE CANNON) then all we are doing is what we have for 40 years, speculating, talking and hoping.


    Knights of the Old Republic Remake To Be Written By UBER SJW! I Warned You!

    The Renaissance Nerd

    Of course this dropped after I made my last video yesterday….


    What they should have done from the beginning.

    Hire the writers from the Expanded Universe and TOR/SWTOR to get together and form a committee to write more compelling stories. (no, not the SJW group they ended up hiring who write “Diversity” on the board TWICE)

    People like ”

    Kevin J Anderson.

    Paul S. Kemp

    Timothy Zahn.

    Alan Dean Foster. (DUH)!!!!

    James Luceno.

    Michael A Stackpole

    Christie Golden

    Steve Perry

    and most of all Drew Karpyshyn!!!!!!

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!

    Remember Shadows of the Empire? Have the new movies and books tie in with a video game and a soundtrack.

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