Howard Stern Says “Fuck Your Freedom”

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    Hey Howard, you want your freedom to live while denying freedom to others? Then fuck your freedom


    Just the latest lib-tard showing their true “nazi/communist” colors.

    Arnold S. had stated the same thing some time ago, too.


    Never needed a Celebrity for anything least of all their opinion…. He is one I would never have listened to anyway.  They all think they are important or authorities on everything.  Yet most know nothing about life.


    Well FUCK HOWARD STERN!!!!!!!! How does that asshat like that???!!! Tell us to fuck our freedoms and I say Howard Stern could go fuck himself.

    Without freedom there is no life, what is the point of money of you can’t use your freedom to choose what you want to use your money on?



    Howard Stern is everything he railed against 25 years ago.


    How long has it been since Stern was relevant? 10 years? 15 years?




    That is a VERY pertinent question.  Ever notice that typically someone making waves in the media, saying dumb political things are older actors/actresses and media figures?  That is one way they try to stay relevant.  They do this for their ego and their brand.  And probably in that order.

    So if you are an older actor who has not had a movie in a few years (or even not an older one and you are just movieless) you can get in the news by saying some dumb crap you probably don’t even believe in.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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