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      I bought a game off Steam thinking my daughter would love to play it.  It’s called V Rising and it’s a vampire game that mixes survival, building, rouge like elements and dungeon crawling.

      Well she has not played it much but I can’t stop.  I put up my own little local server, changed several settings making it less grindy and I am having a ball.

      For $20 it’s awesome.  I recommend it to those who like things like this.


      EDIT – If you are a crafter there is plenty of that as well.  In fact the game is centered around it.  Actually there is no leveling in the game through experience.  Your level is based on your gear score.  So it’s much about getting materials and recipes to get better gear.

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        Anyone else playing this habit forming game?  I am up to about 60 hours in.  Half the fun is just dinking with the server settings.


        This game looks to be promising. I’ve been trying to wait until it comes out of early access but may dive in sooner since I’m in need of a new game.


          I have been playing it for some time and it only gets better with each release.  Now I don’t play on a public server.  I run my own and tinker with the game settings so the farming is not so tedious.  But the game itself is great.  I would personally suggest not waiting to dive in.

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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