I am freaking out and needing help more than ever

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    Well that is one of the major parts of the Bible with major significance, where the devil tempted Jesus for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus was of course a man but he was also God. And essentially as I recall, Satan kept tempting him to save himself from the dessert or even just use his power to be more comfortable. Of course Jesus refused.

    So if you feel as though you are being tempted and are battling against it, I could see why you would reference that story.

    And if you dig into Christianity, you NEVER stop learning. So if you started today you would be no different than anyone else. We are all struggling to be the best people we can regardless of who you are. That struggle is without stop. I recommend you dig into the Bible a bit.

    Here is one of my favorite parts of the Bible where Jesus talks about the end times in plain English without the symbology used in Revelations.



    Well everyone I talked it over with family though they are angry about my decision we decided that I would ask the autistic job agency that gave me the Government job that I would say no to the opportunity and that my job mentor would look for a new job opportunity for me that is a work from home position where they don’t require me to vaccinate if there is one.

    And also leave out the possibility that if the mandate changes where people no longer need to vaccinate for the government job, I could get another opportunity.

    My sister also suggested that I maybe start designing T-Shirt designs to make some income.

    Not the huge Government job pay I would get but hopefully I don’t need to Vax and I can make real money somehow someway then meet that beautiful petite brunette wife I see in my dreams and have a son with her.


    My sister also suggested that I maybe start designing T-Shirt designs to make some income.

    The t-shirt design thing is a good idea, maybe your sister still has some braincells left after all 👍


    So thank you for everyone for the morale support and kind words, I have begun looking for a way of acquiring alternative employment to replace my job I walked away from because of the Vaccine Mandate.

    I have come across a resource that might help me find a new job without requiring a vaccination and I got this from a Youngrippa video I had watched recently. I had subbed to the news letter there and contacted the people who run the website directly for a remote job I could do from home and I will put a link to this website for all of you in the same situation as me so that we can all get some form of employment without having to vax hopefully.

    Here it is:


    I hope and pray to the powers that be I could find good work here and you guys can too, if you guys use this resource please tell me your experiences.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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