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    Because I don’t share his hate boner for Dave Filoni or the Mandalorian, or I sometimes crack ship him with Dave Filoni just to tease him.  I feel like my slight difference of opinion or criticism to his approach has made him avoid hearting my comments on his channel even when I’m in full agreement with him.  The whole “you can’t enjoy any D Wars” mentality regardless if it doesn’t suck just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m more with Doomcock. Punish them when they are bad, reward them when they are good. Right now I’m watching Bad Batch on another account but I’m not paying for it.




    @Hazu Yeah, I actually wanted to nuke this thread after I typed it but there is no nuke button. I’m just disappointed Ryan sempi doesn’t notice me anymore in the comments. I think he might have misunderstood my jokes or my criticism of his criticism of Dave.


    lol xD it’s fine man.

    you mean normal comments or super chats?  not everyone reads comments… most of my comments never get replies xD

    i think marcthecyborg and lethal are the only ones who always reply. they’re great.


    When your channel is tiny, like mine, it’s easy to see and interact with comments. When Ryan first started his channel, I was commenting under my private account and he was hearting my comments along with everyone else’s,  of course I was always spouting EU stuff, so it probably drew his eye. But then as a channel gets bigger, and  your comments section goes from a dozen or more to a few hundred then a thousand, it probably gets hard to keep track.

    Like yesterday…I made a Brie video…and on cue this morning a couple of Brie Bots have vomited all over the comment’s section. Because I’m such a small channel, it’s the first thing I see right away, because I get so few comments there is no ignoring it. I’m sure if I were bigger, the comments would have been washed away over night by normal people and not Brie Bots and I would have ignored them unless I did a close scan.

    Now am I going to give Brie Bots attention in comments? No. If they push my buttons enough I’ll make a video to mock them, but I will hold to my only interacting with normal people in comments, no SJWS. That means an occasional heart and some discussion if I see room for it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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