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    So this past Wednesday I managed to finally make contact with someone in the Fandom Menace who might be able to help me get into contact with Jeremy. I am not gonna say who it is as I want to respect his privacy and I’m not sure if he wants me to share our meeting from this last Wednesday here or not but I thought I’d just update everyone here.

    I will say that he is indeed in The Fandom Menace has talked to Jeremy in a few livestreams in the past, is on good terms with Jeremy and alot of people in G+G and he has a growing Youtube Channel that has great content there that is only gonna get better and better as he uploads more and more and he is an overall good guy down to Earth from my meeting with him this past Wednesday.

    I was lucky he actually took some time put of his busy day to talk to me and was willing to talk to me on Jitsi Meet this past Wednesday, so dude if you’re seeing this thank you for the conversation and being my first direct conversation with The Fandom Menace along with G+G and hopefully with your help I can somehow in someway  get into contact with Jeremy Prime himself at some point and find work in the very very near future.

    I had always wanted to talk to the people I watch in these Youtube videos from The Fandom Menace and Geeks and Gamers. They seem like cool and down to earth people I would hangout with in real life even though I am an introvert with naturally bad social skills due to my Aspergers.

    The Youtuber I spoke to said it was hard even for him to get into contact with Jeremy as it had been a long time since he last spoke directly to Jeremy, a couple of years to be exact but he would try and knows a few Youtubers that he could possibly get me into contact with via email that can hopefully get me into contact with Jeremy faster.

    What I hope comes out of this, is that I get to speak to more people I got to watch on Youtube that are apart of Geeks and Gamers along with The Fandom Menace these past 5 or 6 years that had kept me sane after seeing what happened to Star Wars under Disney and maybe if I speak to enough of them…Jeremy would be one Jitsi Meeting away and I could get work from him or someone else in The Fandom Menace or Geeks and Gamers willing to hire me for remote work.

    It would be a dream for me to get Jeremy, Gary, Ryan, Jedi Bunny and Krista along with anyone else associated with G+G and The Fandom Menace on a Jitsi Meet call in the very very near future then explain my situation in need of work in my own voice but also talk pop culture with them.

    Then maybe I could get a good remote job without having to vax and good life long friends too hopefully.

    Who knows maybe if things go well I might create a Rumble channel and talk Power Rangers stuff and UFOs or something. Youtube is too 1984 meets Brave New World…..I prefer to world to be 1992 and be inspired by Power Rangers.

    Cause I would love to go to a G+G meet up one day if they ever come near where I live and meet everyone, maybe even ask out a pretty girl from G+G and The Fandom Menace.

    Just thought I would update my situation here and things get better for me and on track to finding work cause right now it is vax or no work where I am.


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