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    So recently my sister got Disney Plus and let me watch some shows and movies on it and one of the things I watched was a show called……THE MANDALORIAN. I think many of you here might’ve heard of it?

    So after a long time of hearing people on Geeks and Gamers and the rest of The Fandom Menace talk about watching The Mandalorian themselves and spoiling much for me….thanks alot….you guys…..maybe don’t tell me Luke Skywalker was gonna show at some point……well anyways….

    ……I saw the Mandalorian and I have to say it was good for the most part, for a modern Star Wars property…it was good and dare I even say better than Rogue One, well that is just my own opinion.

    I have to say the story telling was good, not always perfect but good and nowhere near the level of bad writing or badly crafted characters like in Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy or Solo or even the Star Wars current videigames and comics but good.

    Surprisingly there wasn’t much wokeness but at the same time this doesn’t mean that The Mandalorian didn’t have some wokeness in it’s DNA like the other modern current Star Wars properties.

    Just that from my perspective the first season of The Mandalorian the wokeness was either very very little or just better hidden that I didn’t see much of it or I lowered my expectations so much when going into The Mandalorian that my lowered expectations caused my mind to ignore any wokeness that was there in Season 1?

    I don’t really know, but from my point of view and this is just my own opinion, season one of The Mandalorian didn’t really have too much obvious wokeness in it like other modern Disney Star Wars stuff that came out since 2015.

    But season two of The Mandalorian I will say that near the end it did pull an A-Force Girl Power type of situation like in Avengers Endgame but like maybe 2 or 3 points less cringey than the Girl Power scene in Endgame.

    The Girl Power thing happened, I watched it, I survived it and I am warning you all it is there in season 2 but after suffering through that scene….you get Luke Skywalker and not the crappy Last Jedi Luke Skywalker….the real Luke Skywalker pulling a Darth Vader Rogue One type of entrance which was epic and thank you John Faverau for risking everything at Lucasfilm to give us the Luke Skywalker we deserve after he was forced to drink from a space cow tit and be beaten by Rey in The Last Jedi.

    Now onto the main character of The Mandalorian; Mando I guess I’ll refer to him as. Mando to me was like if you crossed Batman with the Master Chief from Halo.

    Mando wears a cape like Batman, sneaks around and uses a grapple hook to pull down bad guys in a fight while looking totally badass. And he was like Master Chief in that he never showed his face once except for a few occasions where it required for him in the story to show his face but other than that Mando was mostly in the bucket and like the Master Chief he also had as much dialogue as say Master Chief in the Halo gamers which were mostly one liners , he was more a man of action rather than a man of words.

    And keeping with the videogame theme of The Mandalorian, because Mando hod his face hidden so much and rarely talked, I felt like I was playing an RPG game like Skyrim or something and I had my character completely covered in armor and the characters who weren’t Mando on the show were the NPCs with many preprogrammed lines I would encounter in the game that talked to me to move the story and plot of the game along.

    Also the first couple of episodes in Season 1 where Mando had to go on missions to get metal bars from his clients after each successful bounty then return to his Forge Master to have her build new armored parts for him to add or improve his armor felt like whenever I would go out on missions or collect resources in Skyrim or Fallout 4 then use them to upgrade my armor so I could look cooler and have more protection when facing down enemies in a videogame.

    The this show had a weird sort of RPG armor levelling system in it which was interesting to see the Mandalorian go through in the first season in the first couple of episodes. With his helmet on all the time like Master Chief in Halo made Mando feel like he was universally relatable to any person of any background watching the show, you didn’t need woke casting of any kind to do it….you related to Mando based on his actions and personality rather than his face, gender, race or anything else like that.

    Mando in his armor and helmet all the time was a sort of blank avatar that viewers like myself can see as themselves when exploring the Star Wars world in this series for both seasons.

    The relationship between Mando and Grogu aka Baby Yoda was good and really shows that Mando is a great warrior and protector and that not all the Mandalorians are a bunch of war hungry barbarians.

    Though the seasons are 8 episodes for each of the two seasons and each episode made was about 30 minutes in length, The Mandalorian felt like an hour long drama  as so much happens in it in such a short time and I don’t want it any longer in length as so much is already in each episode that wraps up pretty well and leads into the next episode with no trouble.

    You watch each episode loving the show, they feel long even it is only 30 minutes yet you want more with the next episode.

    The Mandalorian truly makes coming back into the Star Wars universe a real treat for long time fans and truly gives you that open world sand box feel you might get from playing a videogame like Skyrim or Fallout 4 or any other game like that with the lore and mythos.

    If you were burned by Kathleen Kennedy’s Star Wars along with all her woke divisive non sense, The Mandalorian for me at least made me like Star Wars again even though The Mandalorian still has a bit of wokeness here and there but is almost unseen compared to what Kathleen Kennedy did in the Sequel Trilogy anything else she had great involvement in.

    The Mandalorian feels like it is almost in a parallel universe from the Disney Sequel Trilogy and Solo but feels connected to the Original Trilogy, the Prequels, Clone Wars, Rogue One and just Star Wars in general.

    Thought The Mandalorian isn’t perfect it is still Star Wars to me and makes me want to come back to and see what Jon Faverau has got cooking and if we can somehow get rid of Kathleen Kennedy along with any and all identity politics….it would be interesting to see what Jon Faverau could do at his full potential?

    These are just my thoughts and opinions on The Mandalorian, what do you guys think? I am interesting in hearing and discussing with you.











    I actually didn’t think the all-women team up at the end of season 2 was that woke. It didn’t feel forced like in Endgame and I didn’t realize they were all women until later. I felt it was female characters done right, being important to the team, but not taking all the glory or being op for no reason.
    Besides that I agree with your review. Baby Yoda was the best part of the show. I couldn’t start watching until a couple weeks after the show launched so I knew about Grogu before I started watching. Still, I liked season 2 more than season one since we got to see iconic characters like Ashoka and Luke Skywalker. I hope it’s a sign that Star Wars is returning. Bad Batch seems to be alright. It’s not as good as Mandolorian or Clone Wars, but maybe it will get better. This could be the start to make Star Wars great again.



    I honestly don’t understand why they even needed the 4th woman there that was Bo Katan’s friend? I don’t even know her name or give a crap about that character, but I wish they swapped her out with Boba Fett because I feel that the gender representation on screen was imbalanced of having 4 women and 1 man who was just Mando.

    I would rather have seen Cara Dune, Ming Na, and Bo Katan then Mando along with Boba Fett or some other strong male character. Cause why can’t we get another strong male besides just the protagonist?

    I thought Star Wars said they wanted to be more inclusive and diverse representation and 4 women and one man saving the day isn’t diverse in my own opinion, if they had 3 women with 2 men or 3 men and 2 women that’d be diverse and inclusive giving better gender representation.

    Boba Fett is one of the coolest characters of all of Star Wars and in the finale of Mando season 2, he just flies a ship along side the mostly women boarding party then just disappears completely and before that in the episode he gets flipped over a table by Bo’s friend who looks like she weighs about 110 pounds in a fight she started with him. Why did that scene have to be there of Boba Fett getting flipped over a table by some random no name chick?

    To me that scene totally embarrassed Boba Fett for me in how a long time veteran of war like Boba Fett, who was fighting bad guys before this chick was even born and weighs more than her could be so easily flipped over after she insults him first and throws the first punch in a fight he didn’t want to fight. In my opinion Boba Fett should’ve been able to defend himself by seizing her hand and stopping her completely making him look badass as well as stopping a fight in the process.

    3 strong women is enough for a strong female team working together as a unit but why can’t I as a long time Star Wars fan get to see Boba Fett fight along side Mando in the finale of season 2 as Boba is probably one of the coolest Star Wars characters of all time? Why is his spot in the boarding party taken by some no new chick character that doesn’t even have as big of a fan following as Boba Fett?

    Answer me that.



    The finale was in no way “woke” you bring up the 4 women and 1 man. You seem to forget the person who saved the day was LUKE a MAN. None of the boarding crew were going to live until Luke showed up and saved the day.

    Had they wanted to go “Woke” it would have been easy to have Ahsoka show up to save them or another (strong female Jedi character). The third woman was in the original show with the “BO” the guy was missing but that could easily be explained as he was on a mission for her, and had Disney not done Gina wrong in the next season or spinn-off he might be back with where he went. The women did not feel woke or even off to me, never gave it a second thought.

    As to why Boba was not part of the crew, he was the distraction. Plus having Boba and Luke cross paths would probably been a serious issue. Boba Knows Luke and they have a History that for it to have been believable would certainly fought or had major conflict.

    Think about it; had Boba been on the Cruiser he would have had to Die or escape before Luke got there, If he died <NO book of Boba> had he ran he would have Broke his oath to Mando and been seen as a traitor <no one would want to see book of Boba then>. Now had he been trapped on the Bridge he would have had to fight Luke <their history comes in to play> or <Major tension that took away from the power of the scene> Theatrically and for the Story Boba could not be there with Luke.

    The show was good, the Finale was awesome, people need to stop looking for “woke” in everything, if you have to look for it, it wasn’t really there.


    This isn’t Boba’s fight. He’s more of an antihero in the series who’s just helping because Mando needed him. When Bo Kataan, Cara Dune, and the other two arrived, he could go do his other business. Plus as Mustangride said, Luke showing up might cause further conflict between him and Boba Fett.

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