I guess there was a May the 4th Miracle: Heart of the Jedi

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    This is the heart of Star Wars right here. Thanks to Ryan’s video, I ordered my copy immediately the other day. If I’m going to give May the 4th any sort of credit, it will be that a missing piece of the EU tapestry has been released to further expose Disney Star Wars for the crap that it is. And as of this evening on Ryan’s latest video, the book is outselling EVERYTHING in the genre right now.

    I can’t wait until my copy arrives this weekend alongside my new copy of Dark Force Rising, which I got for a steal at $18 down from $80+

    So I have to admit, there was a May the 4th miracle that gave me some fresh EU content to be consumed in my upcoming EU reread this summer.

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    Anew Expanded Universe book? Okay, I’ve placed an order for it.


    Mine should be delivered tomorrow. I actually am excited for the first time since I finished Crusible.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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