I had to say no to a big pay job because it required a jab

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    So it has been a very very long time since I posted anything here on G+G, alot has happened in my life since last time and among them was I had a rare opportunity for a big job a once in a life time chance with huge money but the only catch was…..I had to jab 2 times to get it as this job required it even though it was a remote job I could do from home and I am very very skeptical of the jabs as they are still in a testing phase and I have no idea the consequences and long term effects from them if I were to go through with the procedure just for this job?

    I want to find myself a beautiful wife one day and have a family with her but the jab might ruin my chances as I have heard rumours here and there of no babies after injection.

    I am either the most badass person ever to turn down money to keep my body free from some possibly dangerous untested chemical or I am the stupidest dumbass ever in history for saying no to taking a job with very very big money that could set me up for life and live comfortably just cause I am scared of a little jab with an untested chemical with unforeseen long term effect?

    Which am I? You guys decide.

    To me the timing of that big money job during this time period in history requiring people like me to being a test subject for something very very new I just can not bring myself to do it as it to me feels like a deal with the devil to sell one’s soul to the devil for riches that could be very very short termed.

    The devil never makes deals without a catch and I rather keep my soul.

    Anyways I am also writing this to hopefully get Jeremy the founder of Geeks and Gamers’ attention as I would like to work for him and his company, so can either the G+G moderators or Jeremy himself please respond to me here in my forum post and tell me what email of his I could respond to him directly with?

    I had found Jeremy’s email on Twitter and sent him a message of getting a job in that email a few days ago he didn’t yet see or respond to me yet but I would like it very much if I could somehow be able to contact Jeremy without resorting to making a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any stuff like that.

    Now that I had to say goodbye to that once in a life time big opportunity…..I need a job badly hopefully one that doesn’t require me to jab to qualify, that is a flexible work environment and a have a super cool boss like Jeremy Griggs I could work for and be friends with at the same time.

    Please Jeremy if you are reading this I am hoping to have a remote at home job I can do in my home country but I work for you. I am willing to do spreadsheets, type notes in online video meetings you may have with staff and also be someone who would try to give good ideas for how to expand and improve the company.

    Jeremy if you can please find the time to respond to me like giving me your direct email I could reach you at I would be interested in talking to you over Brave Talk if you have downloaded the Brave browser for your computer to give you a sense of who I am and if I am a fit for your company or not?

    I can tell you I am very hard working, will show up on time and I love this community you built and ever since finding your channel years ago on Youtube I had dreamt of working for you and meeting the rest of the G+G crew.

    I want to know more like minded people like yourself and would very much love to work and become friends with everyone associated with G+G.

    I after saying no to my big money job just cause of the jab I had to watch my mom and older sister both cry because now I have no future and might end up homeless when I am 40 without a job, so Jeremy please can you contact me here by putting down your email address and you maybe find me something to do?

    Too many jobs where I live require jabs for jobs but Jeremy if you can please give me one without requiring it….I would be very grateful to you along with my whole family as having a job might help my poor mother worry less.

    I feel like shit after my family and extended family congratulated me for months on getting the big job opportunity and I just couldn’t stop fearing the jab requirement. Now everyone in my family is gonna say how foolish I am along with stupid for saying no to such a big opportunity in my life even I feel this a bit.

    Jeremy I need work, please help




    Badass! You did the right thing, no one should be forced to take something against their will to get a job, also that is technically illegal, even where I am they want to “mandate” jabs as a job requirement, but, they still have to give a choice between getting the jab and getting tested, whether every 2 days/3 days/weekly, luckily test have become quite affordable where I am, so if you’re looking for a job in your country, check the requirements properly and check how affordable covid test are

    If you want to get a job with G+G, you can try volunteering for the site first, for example by writing reviews, I’m sure there’s other stuff to do too, that way you can build up a resume and show what you can do, I saw a link for this a while ago, I’ll see if I can find it and post it here :)


    Update on user blogs

    This is the thread by @WearechaoS with the links to contribute to G+G site


    Morally speaking, I think you made the right choice. It’s immoral to coerce someone into taking something they feel reasonably cautious about. It’s getting less and less about the vaccine and the virus and more about the principle of the matter (which are rapidly abandoning at breakneck speed).

    I wouldn’t solely rely on G&G maybe giving you a job, even if it’s just behind-the-scenes stuff and you have proven resume. They might have reasons for not hiring just anyone I can only guess at.

    I would recommend sharing your story wherever you can to those who might listen. Try gab.com. Know that you’re not alone. There are hundreds of people over the world who are losing their livelihoods because of this medical tyranny. Andrew Torba (the site admin) wants people to share their stories; who knows, maybe he’ll see yours and repost it. At the very least I’m sure there will be people willing to give advice on where to go forward.




    This Lord of the Rings video made my day 😀


    My advice is to be your own boss.



    I have heard of Gab as a Free Speech platform but I also heard they got hacked into several times. I had always wanted to go there but I worry the platform might get hacked into and comprise my internet security because then my personal information like where I live might go out.

    I like your idea and I think it could help me alot but I worry Gab could be attacked.


    @Blood.Ranger If you’re that worried about your personal information being compromised I would recommend setting up an alternate e-mail address and using a VPN. Try mailfence and the tor browser.



    I like that idea but I need to know what product or service I could sell to people first? I have no idea what I could do in this world that people would pay me to give them, I wish I knew.

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